Sawadee Kap!

We just returned from a family trip in Bangkok and it has been amazing.

It also marks the first time we travel as a family without our helper. That wasn’t amazing.

Especially so when you have a pregnant wife in tow as well.

Even though my benchmark in family outings is simply to make sure they stay alive, it is still a massive challenge to handle 3 young kids.

More so when the younger ones are 2-year-old and 4-year-old.

They can’t walk as much as we can and tend to want us to carry them.

Luckily we brought a sling along but it’s only good for one kiddo.

Still, it’s always fun to spend quality time with the family.

For this trip, we put up at Courtyard by Marriott which we booked via Agoda.


The hotel is situated between Rachadamri and Chit Lom BTS.


We took a room with a huge king size bed to fit most of us on it. A baby cot was delivered to us for Kingsley, our youngest.


And they come with a window to the toilet. Something I would fancy as a young dating couple but not when you have 3 kids peering through to see daddy soaping himself.


Day 1: Amarin Plaza, Ewaran Shrine, Central World and KarmaKamet

The hotel provides free tuk-tuk service that drop us off at Amarin Plaza. That saved us a fair bit of walking along Bangkok’s narrow pavements.


Amarin Plaza happens to have a make-shift market right in front that are peddling things like artisanal soap and fanciful artwork.

A train display outside Amarin Plaza

A few blocks down the road would lead us to Ewaran shrine.

Albeit the unfortunate incident that happened, it is not apparent given the bustling crowd.

Kyan making his prayer at Ewaran Shrine

I pray that mummy will not scold me every day

Crossing the road diagonally led us to Central World and it has a huge Disney setup that got the kids really excited.

Kyan and Kylie posing in front of a Frozen giant globe display

Say Freeze!

Kyan and Kylie at a Sunsilk flower display

In a sea of pink

Kylie and Kingsley at the Toy Story display

We love toys!

At this point, the missus and I are dead tired. And we are not even outside of the 1km radius from our hotel!

The hot afternoon sun doesn’t help either.

We decided to seek shelter in Central World and escape into man’s best invention – the air conditioner.

And luck is on our side to chance upon this indoor play area. Something like this probably cost at least SGD$10 per kid in Singapore.

At Central World, it is completely free.

And check out this flower shaped ice cream. Really cool.

Kylie holding a Frozen Bride flower ice cream

By now our batteries were drained. Our early flight at 7 am meant we woke up around 4:30 am that day. We decided to bring the kids back for their nap; while the missus and I snuck out for a well-deserved foot massage.

For our dinner that day, we checked out this place Karmakamet which was highly recommended. Not so much for their mains but for more the gigantic cotton candy dessert that they serve.




Giant cotton candy

Cotton candy that is bigger than your head

Day 2: Floating Market, KidZania

Floating market wasn’t on our itinerary although we did bring this up while we were doing our planning.

Our intention for that morning is to head to a coffee shop that is famous with locals.

However, our taxi driver insisted that location is closed off to cars due to some festival and persuaded us to go to the floating marketing instead.

In hindsight, he might have pulled a fast one. But nonetheless, floating market is an experience that visitors to Bangkok should try at least once.

It isn’t near either.

The trip took us about an hour of driving.

And one big mistake we made was going there on an empty stomach.

It got us buying lots of food from the vendors. The thing is their food price are at least 3x more expensive once they sell it to you from their boats.

Annie holding up a bowl of boat noodle

Jackie Chan lookalike at Floating market

Jackie Chan!

Kylie on the boat playing with her new flute toy

Kylie with a Coconut ice cream

The highlight of this trip for the kids is our visit to Kidzania.

I had reached out to them before our trip and they were kind enough to offer us an intro tour around the place.

If you have not heard of Kidzania, it is basically an edutainment center for children. It is the first one to offer role playing activities for children: play as you are a grown up.

It is done up as a kid´s scaled city with buildings, streets, shops, and transport system where kids can develop more than 80 activities and trades.


The operating hours are:

  • Weekdays: 10am – 5pm
  • Weekends & Public holidays: 10.30am – 8.30pm

Once you paid for the tickets, you will be given a watch-like device. This is used to track your activities as well as making sure the kids you exit the place with are your kids as it is synchronized per family.


When arriving at KidZania, each kid receives a check valid for 50 KidZos that must be changed in the bank to start acquiring products and services within KidZania.


KidZos is KidZania´s currency. Children can buy products, pay for services and earn kidZos through working in different establishments.
Kylie sorting out peanuts for roasting

Through work done at the different establishments, kids not only earn Kidzos but they also get to receive a tangible end product.

Kyan with a packet of peanuts he "made" at the peanut factory

Kyan’s first packet of “self-made” peanuts

All establishments are partnered with actual organizations. Below is the Coca-Cola factory where kids learn how coke are made and produced.


Even in a make-believe city, you can’t escape the spell of McDonald. And they get to keep their burger.

Kylie and Kyan learning how to make burgers

Don’t be deceived by the smile on his face. This wall made more kids cry in a day than you would in a lifetime.

Not because the climbing is tough but it is really high. It’s about 2 stories high and once Kyan looked down, the tears start flowing.


Kylie had a better time getting groomed and becoming a photo model.


Where’s Kingsley you asked?

He has his own area to play with as well and I love how they made it look like the interior of a house, but everything was made with baby safety and size in mind.

IMG_0597 IMG_0596

The day ended well at 5 pm and we head back to our hotel.

We wanted to leave the kids in the room and head out after they all fall asleep, but Kingsley already had a nap earlier.

So we brought him out with us for another foot massage and that led us to satisfy our craving for a roadside banana crepe.


Day 3: SabX Wanton Noodle, MBK Foodcourt

At this day, we are just looking forward to heading home.

Our backs were killing us from all the carrying.

But before that, we have to check out the wanton noodle that is so popular amongst Singaporeans.

We were there at 8:30 am and a queue had already built up.


We waited close to an hour before we were seated and get our first bowl of noodle.

Each of them cost 100 baht which translate into SGD$4.


I am unsure what the hype is about really. The one you can get in Ang Mo Kio is way better.

And the portion is so pathetic.

Not only are we eating hype but it wasn’t enough to fill our stomach.

We headed to MBK and they have a food court on one of the top floors. We over-ordered to make up for our insufficient breakfast.


I have always been impressed with the food in Thailand. I always tell people that if I only have to choose one cuisine, it has to be Thai food.


But somehow our meals collectively didn’t resonate with that.


When you had better meals at Thai Express in Singapore, you know something is wrong.

But with kids, it’s not possible to dine at the places that locals hang out.

You need a place with baby seats, sanitization, and kids friendly food.

Nonetheless, a holiday is a holiday.

We had great fun with the kids, especially when they were cooperative. And they loved the tuk-tuk rides which seems like roller coaster rides to them.

I can’t wait to head back again but this time, we need to better plan our meals to really taste the best in Bangkok.