[guestpost]This is a guest post by my friend Randy Lim. He just returned from a family trip in Bali. You can read his blog at https://thisisyourfather.wordpress.com/[/guestpost]

There is a war going on in Asia and this has been happening, long before the latest Star Wars franchise starts on 17 December 2015.

If you visit Trip Advisor Website, you will find Waterparks around the world conveniently ranked for your choosing. We will look at water parks in Asia and compares Water Bom Bali with Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW). 

Water Bom Bali

The Water Park is conveniently located at the Kuta strip in Bali, which is a brief 15 minutes taxi ride away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, and is well served by the countless of hotels along Kuta.

There is plenty of tourist activity along Kuta, and you will not run out of food, shopping and other tourist buys that will tug your purse strings.


There are 11 rides in total (but 2 were down when we visited, Constrictor and Green Viper); and they are very well spaced out in the park, which means that you’ll need to walk a bit to get to the various rides.

Safety is very well managed in the park as there are plenty of friendly lifeguards there.

They are full-time staffs (you can tell with their names etched to their T-shirt, not just a name tag pinned to the chest).

They are very firm in their safety policies and will check and double check when in doubt. My youngest son just about passed the 110cm mark and he was checked again just before he was allowed to ride the Twin Racer.

Here are some of the description of the rides we took.

Smash Down 2.0


This ride takes you from standing to screaming in a heartbeat.

From a height of more than 25 meters, you enter a capsule with a transparent trapdoor beneath you, a moment of fear and uncertainty overwhelms you before the door opens, sending you screaming downwards, sliding and splashing towards a full throttle adrenaline fun.

Yes, you would want to do it again, and again. The adrenaline high is a pure release of your excitement.



This is a family friendly slide where my little one passed the 1meter height limit.

A maximum of 4 persons can sit in the bright yellow dinghy and the staff will send you down the tube, in sheer terror and fun.

Terror can come when you pass through a section of the slide in complete darkness, splashing and screaming with your mates in the dinghy.

The fun comes when the slide hits section which quite resembles water rafting, without the rocks and the life vests and helmets.



This is another ride that allows my youngest kid to take.

The staff was extra attentive to ensure that proper posture is adopted before launch. The entire ride is covered (hence the name ‘Pipeline’)

The entire ride will lift you up, down, round and round, left and right before putting you safely on the ground.


Features we like

Cashless Payment

Splash Band

You literally pay everything using Water Bom’s ‘cashless’ payment system.

You will be issued an RFID wristband, which is waterproof (of course) with your stored dollar value. 

You make all purchases through that wristband, and it is in your best interest not to lose it, as you can get your balance value returned to you at the end of your trip.

This does enhance your experience as you do not need to worry anything else other than having fun.

When you run out of cash on the wristband there are many top-up kiosk available for you to put your cash into the band.

Their lockers also work as another wrist band system.

And there are more than enough lockers situated conveniently around the water park. Security is assured as all these lockers have CCTV units mounted on the ceilings.



Their Gazebo is simply fabulous, and they are well spaced all over the Water Park.

Some locations assure privacy as it is away from most of the attractions. Some are very conveniently located next to the attractions.

So pick you locations well and it will enhance your experience. For family friendly gazebos, more suited for children, find one near the kids play area ‘Funtastic’

The Gazebos are well built with strong Balinese carpentry works, there are mats and cushions to make the hard wooden floor a little more comfort.

You can order food from the eateries and have them delivered it to you at the gazebo. You can even have your message and reflexology done at the Gazebo (subject to availability of the staff)


I think overall, Water Bom, deserves its accolades.

It is indeed a very fun water park that has imbued a wonderful Balinese hospitality spirit. Rides are very safe and well maintained.

The entire design of the park is well thought out and everything you need is conveniently located and indicated on the map.

The overall atmosphere gives you a good mix of winding down at the gazebo and getting your heart pumped with excitement at the rides.

Its location is another boon if you stay around Kuta. If you don’t they have shuttle bus services to pick you up from various locations in Bali.


Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW)

Opened in 2012, ACW is touted as the region’s only water park with marine life incorporated into its attractions.

It is part of an Integrated Resorts concept that also includes a Marine Aquarium, Universal Studio Theme Park, Hotels and Casinos.

Located at Sentosa, going to ACW will mean that you have access to all the other attractions on other parts of Sentosa, at your own extra costs of course.


There are about 7 rides at ACW that will cater to all means of excitement.

While there are fewer rides compared to Water Bom, ACW does have some interesting features to still make going there a wholesome adventure

Duelling Racer


This is similar to Water Bom’s Twin Racer where you race side by side with your friend riding on a foam mat, à la, Alladin on his magic carpet.

The fun factor is high as you get to compete with your friends for bragging rides. On Tip, lift your mat a little higher so that you can get more speed and beat your opponent!

Riptide Rocket

Riptide Rocket

This ride uses a ‘Hydro-magnetic’ system to pull your 2 person dinghy up to a specific height and drop you from there for an exhilarating roller coaster on water.

The advantages of this system are that it saves the rider the tiring trip of climbing countless flights of stairs typical with water parks. So it saves you the fatigue and maximise your screaming.

Whirlpool Washout

Whirlpool Washout

This is another 2 person Dinghy slide where you slide into darkness before quickly coming out to realise that you are spinning and twisting, with an eventual fate of having the feeling of being literally flushed down a toilet bowl.

It is a quick ride with you not knowing how you will end up at the end of the ride!

Bluwater Bay

Bluwater Bay

This is a wave pool where a machine will generate artificial waves and everyone can have fun bobbling around in the waves. 

It can be an exciting experience, but when it gets crowded, some people might get trapped, pushed around and ruin the experience. 

Overall it is still quite a fun experience and it is worth giving a try.

It can be an exciting experience, but when it gets crowded, some people might get trapped, pushed around and ruin the experience. 

Overall it is still quite a fun experience and it is worth giving a try.


Features we like

The Immersive Experience: Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef

Picture from shimworld.com

This very cold pool of seawater is a meticulously maintained marine environment where we can safely snorkel without having to worry about being swept away by tides, or the fear of the open waters.

There are life guards stationed all over the place and you just snorkel and enjoy the marine life.

Of course, those who have actually done open water snorkelling might find this a bore, but in a controlled environment, this immersive experience allows you to experience marine life, fishes and corals in safety.

The Adventure River

Adventure River

This takes the lazy river to another level with the inclusion of tunnels and aquarium like walls where you can some face to face with Stingrays.

The tunnels allow you to see all sorts of marine life, sharks, big fishes swim over you. If you are lucky, you might be in time to catch some of the ACW staffs feeding the fishes!


Cost and Pricing

Water Bom Bali certainly beats ACW in terms of costs.

Although a typical entry into Water Bom will cost RP 1,467,000, roughly equivalent of S$ 147 comparing to ACW’s S$124.

But once you are in the water park, Water Bom Bali’s lower cost will be apparent. You can rent a gazebo at about S$ 18 as compared to ACW’s S$ 80. Lockers are available at S$2.50 (on top of a S$ 3 refundable deposit) compared to ACW’s S$10.

Food and Drinks in Water Bom Bali are also significantly cheaper, we ordered a light but filling meal of 2 pastries and a plate of cheese fries for S$5.50.

Ticket Price Adult: IDR 441,000 =S$44.00 Adult S$36.00
Children under 11 Y..O. IDR292,500 =S$29.00 Children 4-2 y.o. S$26.00
Senior above 60 y.o $26.00
Tickets do not include Ray Bay and Shark Encounter.



Both parks have their own merits; Water Bom Bali is very convenient, if you stay at Kuta. 

ACW is very well connected with Singapore’s renowned transport infrastructure to back it up. 

It is well connected to all other parts of RWS, and there are plenty of air conditioned place to seek respite from the tropical heat.



Strictly comparing them as water parks, Water Bom offers more rides and thrills for you to totally enjoy the waterpark experience.

Both waterparks offer very high level of safety, but Water Bom Bali offers a unique Balinese charm and hospitality. 

The staffs are simply lovely and their staffs own their personality; you can feel their warmth coming from the depths of their heart. 

You feel a sense of service, not just getting them doing their job.

The location, Bali is also very strategic it has a very beach and resort spirit on the island which Water Bom Bali certainly soaks fully in it. 

The view from some of the ride towers offers an unparalleled view of the Indian Ocean and Kuta Beach. 

Especially Smash Down 2.0.

One  moment you are enjoying the commanding view, the next moment you are speeding down the tube in full excitement.

ACW works, as part of an integrated resort, so you can purchase a packaged ticket that lets you enjoy not only ACW, but other attractions in Resorts World Senotsa (RWS). 

While it does holds up well against the competitions, with its unique ride experience, it is lacking in offering a full waterpark experience.

Download the guide here.