When you had children, things changed. Maybe you were one of those people who swore that you would never change once you had kids, and that you’d carry on doing all the things you did before.
Most expectant parents have said something along those lines. Then once you had kids, you realized that you would have to make adjustments.
Before children, vacations could be all about romance, relaxation, adventure and nightlife. After kids, you can still have a bit of all of those, but you’ll also need to think about how to make sure the kids are happy and able to get what they need out of the vacation too, rather than feeling that they’re being dragged behind the adults.
These are some of the ways that you can expect your vacations to change once you have kids. 

Your choice of destinations will be more limited

When you book a vacation with your children, you’re naturally going to have to think about what they need, not just what you need. Some types of vacation just aren’t suitable for kids, so if your pre-children preference was for a weekend of craziness in Las Vegas, a hardcore trekking trip across the Andes or a week of relaxation in an adults-only spa resort, you’ll have to rethink. 
What kind of vacation you choose will depend on what’s important to you and on the age of your kids. Small children will want some space to burn off a bit of energy, while teens might appreciate somewhere there will be some kind of social scene they can join. 
With these things in mind, decide what your must-haves are. If pre-kids, vacations were all about relaxing in the sun, you’ll still be able to choose a beach resort where you can do that. Just make sure the resort you choose is child-friendly, with calm water and things to keep the little ones occupied.
If you are used to active breaks, think about how you could incorporate the kids into that. For example, could you put your child in a carrier and head off hiking, or go somewhere you can rent cargo bikes and explore on them?
You’ll certainly have to compromise, but it’s usually possible to keep elements of your previous vacations after kids.

You might want to make sure there’s a babysitting service or a kids’ club

Spending time with the kids is great, but it’s also great to have an option to leave them safely in the care of someone else for a while.
Many all-inclusive resorts have daily kids’ clubs where you can leave them to be entertained for a few hours while you have some quiet time to recharge. If you’d like to go out at night, check if there’s also a babysitting service.

You might not want to be in the middle of everything

If you loved heading out to spend a night dancing and drinking on your vacations pre-kids, you’ll want to rethink. There are few things more irritating on vacation than trying to get tired kids to sleep who keep being woken up by disco beats.
Even if you’re staying somewhere that’s not a big nightlife destination, you might value space and fresh air over being in a bijou city center apartment. 

You’ll need to think up activities that are OK for little legs

If your kids are small, long days of sightseeing and hill-climbing are out. But what will you do instead?
Most kids are very happy with a bucket and spade and a sandy beach, and you might have to be happy with that too for a few years.
Embrace that as an opportunity to relax, read and generally spend quality time together.
If you want to expand your vacation horizons beyond the beach, try and find destinations that allow you some opportunity for low-key, local sightseeing. 

Vacations with friends and family will become more appealing

When you were just a couple, you probably saw vacations as the perfect opportunity to spend some romantic time just the two of you. With kids in tow, bringing your best friends and their kids along can be fantastic.
Group vacations mean that you’ll be able to help each other out with childcare and spend some time socializing without having to worry about getting a babysitter. 

You might not sleep much

Young children tend to get up when they want to, and if that’s 6am, there’s not much you can do about it.
Those lazy vacation lie-ins might not be happening now, and you might find you go home without having slept any more than you would at home.
This one’s something you just have to wait out. 

You’ll have fun in lots of new ways

Family vacations are different, but they’re not dull.
They’re a wonderful chance for you to try new things and get to know your loved ones all over again. Think back to your favorite childhood vacations, and the memories they’ve given you.
The vacations you take now will form memories for your kids that will last them a lifetime. That’s a wonderful gift to give.