If you look a couple of decades back, you’ll find that the main purpose of toys was to entertain kids and help them pass their time. But, this has changed, especially in the past few years.

Parents have become more enlightened and they understand that a toy can be more than just a form of entertainment, it can be a way to achieve an overall developed personality.

If you look over the toy section, you’ll find several kinds of toys, and each toy might be targeting a different skill set in your kid.

Let us take a Building Set for example. Building toys are very beneficial for kids, they help in developing the building skills, problem-solving skills, and makes your kid more innovative.

Similarly, there are toys that can help in increasing knowledge of your child. An augmented reality-based Globe is a great way to introduce your kid to different parts of the world. And, AR technology makes learning very interesting, unlike what you can ever get out of books.


Make a list

Before buying a toy every parent should make a list of various skills he/she wants to target in their child.

For example, if you think that your kid can use a little help when it comes to public speaking or performance, then toys, such as a Magic kit or a puppet theatre will be appropriate for it.

And, if you think that your child can use a little help with the Language, then toys, such as Magnetic poetry set, or a sentence builder would be a good choice.

Having a list will not only help you to organize better, but it will also force you to contemplate the strengths and weakness of your child, and plan accordingly.


Subject-wise selection

You pick a subject that is taught in your kid’s school and a corresponding toy will be there in the market.

You can use it to augment your child’s learning experience and to make the entire learning process less boring and more fun.

And, that should be the main goal of both parents and the school, because once you get a child interested in a subject, then you can consider half of the job done.


Logic toys


Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

A person can succeed in any field as long as his common sense and logical part of the brain is functioning properly. And, for that, it is important to get mental exercise as often as you can.

Logic toy, such as a Gravity Maze, is a great way to polish the logical part of your brain. In this game, you will be given the starting and the finishing part of the maze, and you have to build the rest of it.


Educational Insights Kanoodle – Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

This brain-twisting solitaire game allows you to challenge your brain with the help of 200 different puzzles.

You will be given 12 puzzle pieces, a base and challenge cards. The difficulty level of the challenges will keep on increasing as you go on solving the puzzle.


STEM toys

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you want to raise a smart child and you don’t have time to do proper research, then you should just go with STEM toys.


Engino Discovering STEM Newton’s Laws Inertia

This one is a great example of STEM toy. This set is dedicated to Newton’s Laws. With this, your kid will be 8 different projects.

While building these projects he/she will learn different concepts of physics. Believe me, it is a much better and effective way to teach than just engulfing theoretical knowledge.

Toys are a very important part of the kid’s life, so the time you spend researching them before buying is totally worth it.


This is a guest post by Ashish Bist, a 25 years old computer engineering, who is blogging for past few years. His latest venture is a toy blog where he discusses – in depth – toys that can help a child become better.