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Who says learning is tedious?

Gone are the days when both teachers and parents will find kids inactive during classes either at home or in school.

With the fast advancement of technology, learning can be fun and techie as well!

When it comes to games for children, there is a ceaseless supply. It is an excellent teaching procedure.

But, finding the right educational games for preschool kids is a daunting task.

With the rise in technology, online educational games have taken the learning method on a next new level.

The study shows that kids are spending 40% of their time on on social networking and instant messaging apps and entertainment, such as games.

Below mentioned are some you can get from educational toy stores for kids to play and learn accordingly;



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Pictionary is an exemplary draw-and-guess games. It gives teens a chance to investigate their drawing and portraying abilities. The game even offers you an understanding that how imaginative and creative your kid is.

It is a game played in a team, where one team member picks a slip and he’s not allowed to reveal the written things. By using a board and pen, he will draw the object, and other members need to guess.

Name That Tune

Almost every kid loves music. In fact, a study has shown that children enjoy tuning in to music even when they do their homework. If your teen is into music, ‘Name That Tune’ is an easy educational game that he/she will love.

You just need a music player, list of songs, paper and pen. One person can be the arbitrator while the others can be participants. If you have more than five players, you can form teams and make it a competition.



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Scribblenauts is a puzzle game, which is developed by 5th Cell and published by Warner Bros. In it, players’ input words in the game through the stylus which cause the word to show a presentation of that object on the game screen.

Scribblenauts’ gameplay is genuinely direct, as there is just a main goal: retrieve ” starites” by controlling Maxwell and using all the different items available to you. There are 220 levels in the game, which is equally divided into two types: activity levels and puzzle levels.


Magic School Bus

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This engaging and educational game series is completely based on the famous TV program and book series. Each game takes you on a learning field trip where you’ll find fascinating facts, play science games and even lead experiments to learn all about the place you’re visiting.

The Magic School Bus games are available for your PC, and you can even play a few online games for free. Magic School Bus games are awesome for children ages 6-10.


Climate Challenge

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Climate Challenge is an online educational game designed by the BBC. The game focuses on environmental change, which is a major cause for worry for world countries. The game’s slogan is “Earth’s future is in your hands”, which gives kids a sense of responsibility and makes them mindful of their role.

It’s a challenging game where a player needs to strike a balance between doing what is good for the earth and also addressing the voter’s needs. It includes information from real-life studies, but is not really a right prediction of how the climate will change.


Math Blaster

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Playing with numbers can be pleasing! Help your kids to build up an interest in math by engaging them with fun math games. The virtual world with cool math games at Math Blaster is an extraordinary approach to motivate children to love the subject!

It’s a great way for kids to brush up their math while playing. It’s a team game, where a set of queries related math is asked. And, a proper time is given to let everyone answer the query. Children of any age can pick their subject and level of difficulty for each set of math problems. This advanced online educational game is the perfect blend of learning and fun.

Fun Physics With Cartoons

Help your child to grasp the laws of physics with funny cartoons. This activity can be conducted in your living room as well. Select the ideas that your kid has learned at school. Watch a few cartoons together and then, ask your kid that what laws of physics have been applied in the cartoon character’s actions.

Discuss with them what is real and what has been overstated. This game can be amazing to brush up the basic formulas of physics, which your teen is probably going to learn in primary or secondary school.



Don’t let the excitement of learning in your kid go! Help your child to grow and develop in a better and effective way with the help of these educational games.

If you have more ideas for educational games for kids, then do share with us in the comment section below!

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