Dear Annie,

You have been nothing short of amazing in going through four pregnancies.

I still remember what happened when we first had Kyan. The birthing process was so excruciating that it temporarily damaged your bladder.

Much as it looked funny to see you walking around with a pee bag, I know how awful that must have felt.

When Kylie is due to arrive, she refused to turn. We had to go for an emergency C-section to bring her out. Thinking about the surgery process is enough to make me faint, let alone go through it.

The recovery phase was equally terrible since you were sliced open.

If that isn’t bad enough, the same spot that has healed was opened up once again when Kingsley arrived. To make things worse, I wasn’t around to accompany you during the delivery. I’m sorry to let you face the operations alone, something which I totally regretted until today.

Last week we received Kyra. She is such a beautiful angel, just like her sister and mother. But many people don’t know the pain we went through since the first OSCAR test results came in.

We were shocked to learn that there is a marker for Down Syndrome. How could that happen when we had three other healthy kids?

The marker was reinforced by the 2nd and 3rd tests.

I could sense your spirit was down. Even though the Harmony test showed that the probability of Down Syndrome is less than 1%, it was difficult to shake off and not focus on that 1%.

It was a troubling period. With three other kids, are we equipped to handle a fourth that would require a lifetime of care?

Fortunately, it came up to be a false negative.

But relief was short. High sugar levels meant a diabetic diet to keep that in check. And that soon became a high protein diet that is made up of lots of beef and durians, things that you don’t genuinely fancy in large amounts.

Despite your dislikes, you did what a mother had to and put the kid before self.

I don’t dare to say I feel you because I can never fully comprehend the actual journey of pregnancy. But I was there to see what your body went through over the nine months period four times over.

The physical strain coupled with the emotional roller coaster is intense.

But you pulled through and gave birth to four beautiful kids.

You taught me impossible is nothing and reiterated the lesson to me three more times.

Thank you for being a great mother, a good wife and an amazing companion.

I love you.

– Adrian