Tayo Station, the first Tayo character-based indoor playground in Southeast Asia for families and the young to play, indulge, and create their own adventures with Tayo the Little Bus & his friends.

This marks the opening of the first Tayo Station in Singapore and Southeast Asia outside of South Korea.

It is also the only indoor playground in the entire Pasir Ris, which happens to be our current neighbourhood.

We are excited to be invited by Tayo Station to check out their premise via a closed-door opportunity.


What is Tayo?

Tayo Station is themed around the South Korean animated series (Tayo The Little Bus) that follows Tayo and his little bus friends who often discover new sights and go on exciting adventures every day in the big city.

Tayo Station spans a massive 10,000-square-feet-space that integrates indoor playground attractions, edutainment area and sensory play space for young children from 1 to 12 years old.

These include the Tayo’s Road Circuit, Poco’s Hinoki Play, and Gani’s Playground, and many more that are created to entertain while offering a healthy level of challenge for the kids to overcome.

Map of Tayo Station


Tayo’s Road Circuit

Iconic to the animation series, Tayo’s Road Circuit is a creative child-sized street scene filled with fun spaces like the Garage, Wash n’ Go and Gas Pump Kiosk for the little ones to zip around and pretend play in mini manual rides.

Here, kids will also get to learn various road signs and basic road safety rules, enabling them to better understand real-world scenarios in a fun and engaging environment.

The kids had great fun racing around the tracks, fixing their vehicles and making numerous visits to the petrol station. The vehicles apparently have very poor fuel consumption even though it is physically driven.


Gani’s Playground

The ultimate challenge for kids yearning for a thrilling adventure, Gani’s Playground offers a fully equipped 3-storey play system with two long slides and plenty of physical obstacles.

Here, kids pit their motor and agility skills against the challenges for a stimulating fun-filled day.

This took up the biggest space within Tayo Station and one can understand why.

Through the hooks and nooks, you can enter the same way but end up in a dozen different destinations. I tried squeezing in to accompany the kids but the place is definitely not built for a 1.8m child-at-heart.


Poco’s Hinoki Play

An all-time popular favourite! Poco’s Hinoki Play presents a sensorial experience for the younglings to emulate sandplay using freshly-imported Hinoki wood cubes from South Korea.

These aromatic and clean cubes, besides widely known for their health and skin benefits, provides an uplifting mood with their scents for the kids to excavate, dig and play to their heart’s content.

This is my favourite place to chillax while the kids attempt to bury each other. Don’t worry, it is very shallow. No drowning will occur.


Cliff Ball Pool

Scale or Dive into the popular favorite – Cliff Ball Pool – a combination of mini rock climbing wall & a long ball pool that measures 10m by 2m. Screammmm before you fall!

Next to the Gani’s playground, this pool is ideal for toddlers who might be too young to climb up the playground but still want to have a bit of physical fun.


Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms

Offering Tayo-themed rooms that can be tailored to suit the needs of families planning a special occasion for their young ones.

Families organising a mega party can have the option of combining the two rooms into a larger event space, allowing them to throw a big party for occasions such as momentous birthday milestones.


For the parents

With plenty of seats, charging stations, free wifi and vending machines, parents are well taken care of while their kids roam and explore the many different aspects of Tayo Station.

Tayo Station
Address: Market Square @ Downtown East, E!Hub, Level 3 (#03-112)
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11am – 8pm | Weekends, PH & Sch Hols: 10am – 9pm
WEEKDAYS (Unlimited Playtime) – Babies (below 1 yr): Free + Adults at $6 | Toddlers (1 to under 2 yrs): $16 + 1 free Adult | Child (2 to 12 yrs): $24 + 1 free Adult | Additional Adult: $6

WEEKENDS (2 hours Playtime) – Babies (below 1 yr): Free + Adults at $6 | Toddlers (1 to under 2 yrs): $20 + 1 free Adult | Child (2 to 12 yrs): $28 + 1 free Adult | Additional Adult: $6 | Additional Playtime: $5 per 30 min

Website: www.tayostation.com