Papa Tan and Mama Tan were feeling brave and impulsive one fine day. And we decided that, YES! We should go on a vacation with just our 4 littles, with ZERO helpers. And so, we did! 8 days fun filled Taiwan, here we come!

As both of us were pretty tied up at work, so we did super last minute planning. Thanks to the wonder of online travel-blogs and word-of-mouth, we managed to squeeze out an itinerary at the very last minute.

We flew via SQ, and mama had a pretty pleasant flight, where Baby Kyra slept 2 hours in the bassinet, and a nice meal and completed a movie. Where’s papa and the other 3, you may ask? We were seated separately, as it was a full flight. Papa had to handle the other 3 on his own. Thanks to inflight entertainment and meals, they survived the flight in one piece.

We were greeted by our friendly driver, Ah Cheng at the airport. All ready to start our little adventure with us for this 8 days. Seated in a spacious and clean mini-bus, we were ferried to our first destination!

Day 1 & 2: <六福村> Leefoo Village Resort 

Located in Guanshi, Hsinchu County, “Leofoo Resort Guanshi” is adjacent to the Leofoo Village Theme Park. It is Asia’s only Resort that employs natural habit and herbivore as design inspirations. It is also Leofoo Tourism Group’s second resort hotel under the “Leofoo Resort” Brand, following the lead of “Leofoo Resort Kenting,” which is located in CheCheng, PingTung County.  *Extract from the website*

The four troublemakers & Mother Nature. Our 4 littles were in awe! They had never been so upclose to the animals. Every morning, they would draw the curtains and greet the giraffes, the sheep, the zebras, the rhinos and the lemurs: Good Morning Animals!!!



Room & Kid-Centric Activities

This is the first time we are travelling as a family of 6, and most rooms can only accommodate 2 adults and 1-2 kids. However, Leefoo Village has options to accommodate to a maximum of 6 adults! I love that! Very friendly for big families, without having to book two rooms, how can I leave the kids to one room on their own, they will probably party the whole night! We booked Congo Room, facing the giraffes and the animals. The room is very spacious, with 2 king size beds.

We spent 2 days at the resort and lined up a variety of activities to burn their energy and keep the kids entertained.



“Wash a Tortoise Back” is a super fun activity and our 3 lilttles all took part in it, including Kingsley. (Baby Kyra was once again sleeping in her beloved tula). The children were given a pail of water, sponge and toothbrushes. Their task was to brush the shells clean while they were being fed their vege. We even had a rare chance catching a pair of tortoises making babies (OPPSSSS!).

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: NT499 | S$20 per child
Feed-the-Sheep, as usual, only the elder 3 had the go at it, where they fed the sheeps with grass. It was really up-close with the sheep, and Mama is really surprised that her 3 city-kids have no fear at all, in fact, they couldn’t get enough of it, and kept asking for more.
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: NT499 | S$20 per child
DIY-Art-Workshop. Situated in a little hut beside the resort, about 5 minutes walk. The kids get to DIY their own little art and bring it home with them. Kyan chose to paint an egg, while Kylie chose to bead her own necklace and King painted a wooden piggy bank. There is a little play corner to keep Kyra entertained with toys (Finally she gets to come down and play!) and its FOC!
Duration: No time limit
Price: NT350 and up (depending on the craft chosen)


Free activities! Yes, Leefoo is an expensive place to be in, almost all activities require NTD, no free lunch, yeah?! But, yes, there are some free activities to engage the little ones in.
Welcome Dance by Native Africans.
For a moment, I thought I was transported to Africa. The kids were captivated by the performance. Yes, sua-ku kids I have here. LOL. The performance was held at the resort main entrance, at the car porch area.
Time: 3pm and 5.30 hours daily
Duration: 20 minutes
Location: Resort Entrance
Story Telling @ Giraffe King Room
Thank God for this. We have a habit of bedtime stories for our kids. So this saves us 2 nights of bedtime stories. And a nice way to wind down our happening day. BUT, the story was told in mandarin, it makes me wonder if my kantang kids understand it at all…..
Time: 8.30pm every night
Duration: 30 minutes


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