This shall be my final instalment of our Taiwan Holiday Trip. Been extremely caught up with work, home, and house hunting that this came SOOOOO late! But better late than never, and it’s just nice for December Holidays, right???

Our last leg of our Taiwan Trip, brought us to the heart of the city – TAIPEI. After being with the animals, nature and the mountains for days, it is time for the city kids to come back to the city! Actually….. it is more for mama’s shopping and papa’s eating trip!

So glad with our choice of hotels! Agoda and its review never fail us! Another right choice made! Travelling in 6, and we have to sleep together, in case my kids sneak out to play while we KO! We checked in Hotel Papa Whale.

The outlook of it, you wont guess it is a HOTEL! Located at the corner of Kuning Street, which is a stonethrow away from the buzzling Xi Men Ding and the MRT Station (Approximately 5 mins walk).

The hotel was revamped from a warehouse, and it has incorporated the modern looks and décor within it. It is modern, young hip and trendy. I would reckon this is quite a newly established hotel.

And importantly, we book a Deluxe Family Room, which consist of 3 queen size bed. The monkies declare a bed each, so where are their parents sleeping????

Located strategically within Ximending, we of cos could not miss any chance of hitting the night markets! Once again, thanks to babywearing, we could hit the night markets at ease!

Papa babywearing the 3yo, and mama babywearing her 18months. And sleep dust hits as we tour the night markets, the babies slept in peace, and we have our todds holding each of our hands.

Sounds like a perfect picture! But SORRY, the truth is! Kyan and Kylie are fascinated by everything they see in the night market! They were all over the place!

all set to hit the streets!!!

people mountain, people sea in Ximending

looking at all these, made me miss Taiwan again…..

Fast forward to the next day, which is what the kids are looking forward to!!! Baby Boss!


About Baby Boss

BabyBoss City is Taiwan’s first simulation city made for children. The city is designed to create an environment for children to play and learn at the same time. Inside the 2300sq. ping city there are 50 professions and over 70 different occupations waiting for kids to explore.

The settings allow games and role-playing scenarios to stimulate children’ learning capability. Once entered into BabyBoss, the children set their minds on only two things “learn from playing” and “learn from doing”.

This environment opens up their abilities from within and sparks unlimited potentialities. The concept of money and how to value it are thoroughly taught within the city. The hands-on learning process is not only fun but also very rewarding.

Address: CP City Living Mall 7F,No.138, Section 4, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei 105, Taiwan

Hours Today: 10:00 AM6:00 PM

Do bring along your passport or NRIC, as foreigners enjoy 20% off the ticket prices

(Photo extract from

The time schedule of every occupation would be given to u upon checking in Babyboss. Do note that every occupation is only held 4-5X a day, at specific timing, so in order to conquer more occupations, do plan your schedule ahead!

The kids (esp. Kyan and Kylie) had great fun at Babyboss, we were there from 10AM to 6PM, making full use of our ticket prices.

We went on a weekday, and summer holidays had just ended, so the crowd was manageable, we did not have to queue for most of our activities.

Babyboss concept was similar to what we have here in Singapore – Kidzania, where the kids experience hands-on learning through role-playing of different occupations.

And importantly, the ONLY language used in Babyboss is Mandarin, so the Tan kids had no choice but to listen carefully to instructions given, and try their very best to communicate in Mandarin. The best time to infuse them in mandarin language, mama says!

The Tan kids were air-crew, police, astronauts, chamber-maids, dentist, balloonist, miners and also masseurs of the day. Some of the activities, even included the parents to be part of it, making it even more interesting.

Needless to guess, my most fave, would be the masseurs. We even had a minute of shiokness, sitting there to be served by our little one!

my 3 cute therapist, maybe we can consider opening a massage palour???

my cutest aircrew

very interesting occupations they have, miners!

sharpshooters! bulls-eye!

the most popular station in babyboss

Poor Kyra, who was too young to take part in any occupation, what she did was to walk around the place, looking amused, and acting pretty for mama to take pictures!

With this, we concluded our family vaccay of 2017, with happy hearts and happy tummy. We look forward to 2018, in a brand new home, and more adventures to come, touring the world in 6 little footsteps as a team!

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