After spending 2 days with the animals, we moved to the city of Taichung, for a stopover, before, moving up the hills to the arms of flora and fauna.

Thanks to the wide selection in Agoda, we managed to streamline our selections to Hotel 1969 Blue Sky. It is a relatively new boutique hotel with big rooms, enough to house the 6 of us.

We were given a room with 2 king size beds, yet, enough room for the kids to clown around. The sheets were crisp clean and the toilet was very CLEAN (I like that!). Too bad, we only stayed there for 1 night before we moved on to Cingjing.

It was a short stay at Taichung. And Taiching was pretty much like a city. Thus, Mama has no recommendations for kids-friendly activities. We visited two main attractions of Taichung.


1. Fourth Credit Union (台中市第四信用合作社)

72, ZhongShan Rd, Central Dist.
Hours: 10 am-10 pm

Serves a wide array of ice-cream flavours

Kyan was captivated by the vault entrance!

King only has ice for the dessert and not the camera


This was chanced upon while strolling near our hotel. Its a very cool and chic hangout for the hippies in Taichung. Fourth Credit Union was transformed from an old bank into a 3-storey café and restaurant.

Serves very yummy ice-cream and mango shaved-ice. Definitely very Instagram friendly. Too bad, Mama has her hands full, all thanks to managing the 4 monsters who were sugar-high from whacking the desserts.


2. Feng Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

What is Taiwan without night markets!? No one visits Taiwan without clocking a few nights at Night Markets. So, here we are at Feng Chia Night Market, the most popular and most crowded night market in Taichung.

Even though, we are towing 4 kids around (Tula, to the rescue!!!). We skipped dinner, and stall-hopped around for all the yummy Taiwan delights.

this is how u whack streetfood, with a sleeping baby!!!

little burgers for little ones. Its very yummy!

how we survived night markets! One tula each, and one hand each for the older kids!



We were rested, with a full tummy, all ready to take on Sun Moon Lake & Cingjing, the next day!


Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Taiwan’s largest lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mountains of Nantou at the geographic centre of Taiwan island. Our driver drove us to Wenwu Temple 文武廟 for a short tour.

To be honest, it was pretty boring for the kids. So, we took a short tour before continuing on for our ferry ride around Sun Moon Lake.

The cruise ride was NTD150 per person (including infants), and the ride took us around Sun Moon Lake, and we alighted at Xuan Guan Si Pier for the famous Ah-ma tea leave eggs 阿嬤茶葉蛋

In conclusion, this was quite boring. Not recommended.


Pu Li Wine Tour (埔里酒厂)

Our next stop after Sun Moon Lake was Pu Li Wine Factory 埔里酒厂. According to our tourguide/driver, Pu Li used to be a cooking wine factory before it switched productions to producing Chinese wine today.

And today, it is open to public for visiting. It was a pretty short tour, of 30 minutes, before we carry on to the next item on our itinerary.


18c Chocolate Factory 18度C巧克力工房

No. 20慈恩街 Puli Township
Nantou County, Taiwan

Another short stop, for us to clear our bladder, diaper change and refill our tummies. With young kids in tow, we have always gotta do short stops, kids and their short spanned attention. “mommy, are we reaching??” “mommy, why so long ride one??” “mommy, I need to peepee!” “mommy, boring……” a million and one “mommy”

Our clever driver included 18C Chocolate Factory in our itinerary. Don’t be fooled by the name! No factory at all. Its a shop that sells yummy home-made chocolate, icecreams, desserts and drinks. Just nice for us to refill that sugar-level in us!


With that, we finally reached our min-su in Cingjing 清境民宿. 

清境佛羅倫斯渡假山莊 Florence Resort Villa


The air in Cingjing is so fresh, and cooling. So different from the humid and hot Taichung. We totally adore the weather. We were checked into our room, after a long day of tours.

The room in Cingjing does not come with aircon, instead we have a heater in our room! This shows how cooling the weather is. No need for aircon at all.

And as usual, the room was fitted with two queen size beds! Mama is kinda pleased with her hotel booking, all big enough to sleep comfortably! 🙂


What to do in Cingjing 清境

Located 15,000 meters above sea level, Cingjing has a favorable climate throughout the year, and is a popular choice to all tourists visiting Taiwan.

Parents can take their children to the green grasslands to feed sheep and watch horse riding performance. Or, people come with their family can have a meal at Carton King, where they are seated on cardboard-made furniture.



Opening Hours: 0800 to 1700 Everyday

Ticket Price:

Adults NT160 (weekdays) NT200 (weekends)

Children Above 6 years old: NT120 (everyday)

Children Under  6 years old: NT20 (everyday)



1.  Sheep Shearing Show & Sheepdog Herding Show

  • Time of Performance: 1:45pm; 30 minutes, every day on summer holidays and new year holidays (except Wednesdays or rainy days)


2. Horse Riding Show

  • Time of Performance: 10:15am & 3:45 pm
  • Place of Performance: Guanshan Ranch
  • Duration of Performance: 30 minutes


Carton King (紙箱王)

A themed restaurant in Cingjing Farm. The food is nothing fantastic, seriously. Its the creativity and the innovation of the café that wowed us.

Everything is made of cupboards! From the tables, chairs to the utensils, cutlery; even lampshades, clocks and pots for hotpot are made out of cupboards! We can even bring back the carton pack from our drinks, and use it as a piggy bank! Creativity at its best!


Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園)

Took a walk around Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園, after our lunch. The kids had great fun feeding the pigeons and the ducks. Feeds are readily available at vending machine for a fee of NT20.

And not to mention, Swiss Garden is picturesque, perfect for OOTD, and tula action shots (LOL….hahahahahhah!)

Mama will be back, for the last lap, our final adventures at Taipei.