This is me. With my 3 kids. Alone. Not sure who are the weirdos beside us.

I like to do this often. Challenging myself to bring all my 3 kids out without my wife or helper.

I lost count on the number of times I did this but to me it is really fun. And i grew accustomed to the stares from strangers.

There was once I brought them out to meet my wife at Liang Court. We are to meet outside this Udon place that happens to be next to a club. So the clubbers queuing outside were really checking me out from top to toe.

I’m sure that visual effects made them appreciate the clubbing times better or at least remember to use rubber when they get laid later.

Managing 3 kids alone

But it is really fun.

I get 100% attention from them. And I mean each of them expects 100% from me so that’s 300% for me to handle.

Seriously it’s cool. We check things out together and we are constantly in sync.

Like the last time we went to the balloon sculpture fair at Marina Square.


Kylie left, Kingsley centre, Kyan right

That crying part might not make it look at appealing but they all had fun.

Importantly they learned more about balloons that day then any other given day.

How do you do that?

It is not just scoop them up and out we go.

To make it enjoyable even for yourself and make sure all of them come back home alive, you need certain preparations (physical and mental).

Here’s what I do:

1. Focus

I can’t help but do a triple roll eye when I see parents snapping at their kids because their phone time is interrupted. If phone time is on the peak of your priority, then you shouldn’t try what I did.

When you decide to bring 3 kids out alone, phone is just a tool to send out a SOS in event you need professional assistance. Taking pictures, replying to your Whatsapp, updating your facebook status should really take a backseat.

I’m sure your Facebook friends will be okay without a couple of hours of your online absence.

2. Timing

During my latest trip, we took the bus and deliberately did so during lunch time. Although most people would give up their seats to someone managing 3 kids, it is always better to plan well.

My assumption is the bus should be emptier given most people would be having their lunch. And I was right. It is always easier to maneuver around with more space rather than jostle and elbowing your way around.

3. Choosing the right tools

I have a double stroller that has an attachment for a buggy board. That could make moving from point A to point B so much easier.

But it is one big monster.

If the lift is too small or the corner is too tight, I will have a problem.

And trying to get that up the bus require me to dismantle, fold it, hang on to the 4 separate pieces of equipment while managing 3 young kids.

So instead, I grab only a carrier and let the other two walk.

It is so much more efficient.

4. Delegate

My eldest son is turning 7 and one thing I realized about kids is that they really enjoy responsibility. My son loves to wash my car, do the dishes and take care of his siblings.

It is a eldest sibling thing and we should let them enjoy that instead of taking it away from them.

So my son was in charge of taking care of her sister (who is 3 years old) while I focus on taking care of the 1 year old.

It doesn’t always go according to plan. He could be distracted by some toys and leave his sister alone at the walkway.

But that is how they learn. Through mistakes and incessant reinforcement from the parents.

5. Savor the moment

Ultimately it is a time to enjoy and bask it.

I always remind myself that one day my kids will stop hanging out with their dad because it isn’t cool anymore. That is what I did to my parents.

So enjoy the moment and every single minute of it while it lasts.

There is no way for you to turn back time.

And I’m sure your Facebook friends will be understanding.