The weather could kill.

It was just unbelievably hot and humid this summer in Hong Kong.

And this was made worse with our departure date postponed by a day due to the passing Typhoon which raised the signal level from 3 to 8.

So with huge disappointment, our flight timing was changed from 1:55am to 4:00pm. Glad that Scoot took the initiative to inform us beforehand. The last time I had such encounter, I only found out when I arrived at the airport.

And luckily enough travel insurance was secured just because flight delay announcements, earning us an extra $1,000.

But the entire Hong Kong itinerary was messed up but fortunately our hotels were accommodating and allowed us to do some adjustments so the trip made more sense for us.

Kyan and Kylie in front of Welcome To Hong Kong sign

We landed around 8pm and was famished as we didn’t have dinner on Scoot. Right after we check-in, we went straight out to Central area for a quick dinner/supper.

The dinner was pretty average so imagine the smile on our face when we found this place again

Yee Shun Milk Company

The 2nd time I was in Hong Kong, I had this as desert after practically every meal.

They have the best double steamed milk pudding ever

Double Boiled Milk at Yee Shun

We brought the entire family there and needed a big room. My wife manage to get us a deluxe room at Hotel Cosmopolitan in Wan Chai area. The room comes with two queen size so it was just nice for us on one and the other 3 kids on the other.

3 kids on the bed in Hotel Cosmopolitan Hong Kong

And they have free shuttle buses to quite a few places, making it really convenient for us since we have 3 young kids to bring around every day.

You also get a free Handy handphone that allow you to make calls and surf the web. It helped us to keep the kids occupied with the pre-loaded games when we just need to catch a breather.

Day 1: Lai Yuen Amusement Park, Kam’s Roast, Ocean Terminal

Lai Yuen Amusement Park

Map of Lai Yuen Summer Carnival 2015

Lai Yuen was the park to go to before Hong Kong Disneyland and even Ocean Park existed. A whole 18 years after it closed, Lai Yuen amusement park is restored to its former glory and on the Central Harbourfront.

A Big Dinosaur Welcome

I absolutely love the nostalgic feel to the amusement park. Each of the entertainment and games are so unique compared to what we are accustomed to here in Singapore.

Such as picking up marbles with chopsticks.

Or use your fingers to find the matching mahjong tiles.

For the kids, you could try kicking football through the hole in the wall.

Or try your best to land your paratroopers on the bulls eye

Paratrooper Game at Lai Yuen Summer Carnival 2015

The kids had a wonderful there and to cap it off (pun intended)

Lamp Helmet


Kam’s Roast Goose

On the recommendation from my sister-in-law, we headed to Kam’s Roast Goose for our lunch. They are a 1 Michelin star restaurant and one can tell why despite the modest setting and short queue outside the shop front.

Kam’s Famous Roast Goose and Pork

Ocean Terminal

With lead in our legs, we manage to drag ourselves to Ocean Terminal to catch a major lego exhibition fair since Kyan is a huge lego fan.

Lego Fair at Ocean Terminal Hong Kong

Day 2: The Pulse

The Pulse @ Repulse Bay

Hong Kong’s largest beach-front lifestyle complex, The Pulse, has re-opened with a fresh new line-up of trend-setting lifestyle, gourmet dining and children’s attractions.

The place is really far away from our hotel and at least 6 mini bus went past us because they were full. Fortunately there is another public bus that took us there. It was still a bit of hiking from the bus stop to the actual location.

We were hoping to have some water fun at their Endless Water Carnival but it was only opened on Saturday and we were there on a Sunday. #facepalm.

Repulse Bay is not only famous for the beach and luxurious beach front houses, but also for the temple that faces the sea.

Repluse Bay Temple Hong Kong

And they have a Tesla showroom in The Pulse!

Tesla at The Pulse

Day 3: Disneyland

Our final night was spent at Disneyland Hollywood hotel. It’s an amazing place but too bad we didn’t have much time to truly enjoy the facilities.

Kyan, Kingsley and I outside Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

We dumped out bag at the counter before noon and headed straight for Disneyland.

Kylie in her Princess Elsa outfit

Kyan was just so excited despite this being his 2nd time. He insists it was his first.

Kyan is SO excited

Despite the terribly hot and humid weather, we push on to make the best out of it while taking turns taking care of Kingsley since he can’t be on any of the rides.

We went on Grisley Bear Mine Cart


Space Mountain ride (This was my favorite although you almost can’t see in darkness)

The Mystic Manson was good too (or maybe it was the powerful air-conditioning that made me feel so)

Still our spirits were high and we hung on to the last minute to witness their legendary march pass.

Not forgetting the fireworks to wrap up the night.

Hong Kong, thanks for the wonderful 3 days. I will definitely be back, in better and cooler weather.