It was a disaster waiting to happen.

With 4 families together on a road trip to Port Dickson, we are talking about 11 adults and 11 toddlers/babies. The ratio seems balance but with young kids, you can never achieve balance.

We are counting:

  1. 1 x 9 year old
  2. 4 x 7 year old
  3. 1 x 5 year old
  4. 2 x 3 year old
  5. 2 x 1 year old
  6. 1 x 5 month old

But we survived and I’m happy to chronicle our journey to Port Dickson.

We met up early to avoid the jam at 6am. There was a bit of traffic by the time everyone arrived and curtain of daylight starts to fall.

But that didn’t take us more than an hour and soon we were on our way to the most important task – breakfast.

Which brought us to Yuan Yean in Yong Peng. They are famous for their fishball noodle which they have been selling since 1988.


The place is pretty old school although they have a section which is air-conditioned.


We ordered their famous fishball soup with a variety of noodles to sample with. Their sides of fried fish cakes and Muar otah complemented the mains really well.

The chilli dip is excellent. It is made with 5 types of chilis including the ultra hot Vietnamese chili peppers.


Here are their details if you are keen to check them out:

Restaurant name: Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House 元延正宗永平西刀鱼丸
Address: 123, Main Road, Yong Peng, Johor
GPS: 2.011061,103.063305
Hours: 8:30am to 7:30pm (Closed on alternate Wednesday)
Non Halal

With our tummy refueled, we continue the balance of the 3.5 hours road trip to our hotel in Port Dickson. After a number of comparisons, we decided to go with Grand Lexis.


Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a resort styled sanctuary offering unparalled superior surroundings with private individuals pools amindst landscaped gardens


The hotel lobby is unassumingly cozy with free drinks and cold towels for guests to freshen up.


One thing I really like is the buggy chauffeur services they provide for their guests. Although our resorts are pretty nearby but why walk when you get to be driven.


If there is one thing I dislike, it is the water. Having been to Tioman, Bintan, Phuket and Maldives, I find it painful to look into the sea at Port Dickson. It looks just like the brownish one at East Coast Park.


One reason why we chose this place is because it is huge!


It comes with two king size beds.


And your personal dipping pool.


There’s also a kitchen if your tummy can only accept home-made food.


Next to it is the dressing room with two doors that lead to a shower and a toilet.


They have this amazing glass plate in the middle of the room that let you see through the floor and into the water. Yes, the brownish water.


This place also come with a water playground that the kids very soon gravitate towards.


They were having so much fun that I believe we spent at least 3 hours at the pool.


On the next day, we got a van to bring us to the Ostrich farm. Actually it is more than just Ostrich.

They have sheeps.


And goats too.


The highlight of course would be the Ostriches. It’s my first time getting so close to them. They are huge.


Just look at how big they are next to my eldest.


This is one really thirsty Ostrich.


You also get to see donkeys.


And family of chickens roaming freely around the farm.


Kyan got his chance to be a cowboy again.


And Kylie surprised me by obliging to a ride too.


Boys being boys, their attention quickly shifted to the ATV that is parked nearby.


Not just animals, there are reptiles too.


Like this big monster.


Who is so kind to let me take a selfie with him without driving any of those sharp things into my face.


Hello Mr Ostrich.


Lunch time came quickly and we headed to what I believe is the most popular eating place in Port Dickson.

Lucky King Bun

Lucky King Bun, as the name implies, is famous for their curry chicken buns. We ordered another 4 more dishes and the bill came up to RM108. That’s about SGD$10 each adult for a meal that would cost 3x more in Singapore.


This is a must-go place if you are heading to Port Dickson.

Restoran Lucky (P.D) Seafood
No 4366, Taman Aman, Jalan Bandar Lukut, 71010 Port Dickson, N.S.D.K
TEL: 06-6512392
Business Hour: 11.30am-11pm
GPS Coordinates: 2°34’7″N 101°49’41″E


On our last day before we head back to Singapore, we decided to take a detour and have lunch at Malacca. Our original intention is to dine at Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine but it was fully booked.


We found another Peranakan Restaurant that still have tables. It’s a far cry from the heavenly dishes from Nancy Kitchen but still much better than the pretentious stuffs you can only find here in Singapore.


Overall it was an okay trip. Port Dickson isn’t the most interesting place from lack of fun pictures I have. It is one of those boring places for new couples to go to so they will just spend the time in the hotel room having sex.

But if that is just what you are looking for, you know which place to go to next.