Port of Lost Wonder.

These 4 words had been dangling on the lips of my eldest son Kyan over the entire June school holiday.

Hang on. It’s much longer than that. We started planning in May.

And due to a series of bad weathers, we kept pushing it down a week even though we are supposed to do it over the first weekend of the school holiday.


Here’s the video summary:

It was another outing with me versus the three kids. It’s not the first time and I have low benchmark. Just stay alive!


We drove from Joo Chiat all the way to Sentosa. Did you know a car entry costs $7? I guess you gotta pay if you want convenience and sanity.


The sun was burning. They could hardly open their eyes. Fortunately our spirits high.


And I’m happy to see Kingsley becoming more expressive in photos.


And finally they have the license to jump on puddles.

Kyan was bugging me to come back because the last time we were here, there were booths to teach the kids how to make a lava lamp and cup rockets. He wanted so much to do that again.

But those weren’t around.

However the gigantic bubble pool is still there.

Overall it was great fun at this huge pirate ship design water playground.


I had to carry the two younger ones around a little as they were not really prepared to play in the slides. But I’m grateful that I can still carry them both at the same time.


We had a round of fries and nuggets halfway through and the kids became ketchup addicts.


We even bumped into Mr peacock in the compound! Or is it Mrs peacock. I can’t tell.


All of them were so tired they just collapsed straight in the car. You should have seen my face. I looked worse.


It was a great refresher trip for us and it didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to be back here again for more memorable moments!


Port of Lost Wonder
10 am to 6:30 pm daily
Admission charges are applicable for the participation of children 12 years and under.
Water Play Area and other activities are recommended for children aged 3 – 10.
Weekdays: $10, Weekends & Holidays: $15, Membership: $120 per annum