Do you have a green thumb or just love putting things together and running around? A Pipe-ful Play Garden is the perfect place to have some fun in the sun. Grow your very own little pocket garden and together with other children, construct a living and ever-growing pipe-maze for everyone to play with.

In partnership with Esplanade and created by Playeum specially for Octoburst!, A Pipe-ful Play Garden is a community artwork that encourages learning and family bonding through play.

We brought the kids to do just that and they had great fun.

Grow your very own little pocket garden


It was really simple 3-steps procedure to create their own garden.


And there are three types of plants for them to choose from.


  1. Roll clay with pin roller


2. Add compost and seeds to clay. Sprinkle some water.



3. Roll it up into a ball


And you have your own plant. You just need to throw it into a pot and mix it. The plant should grow from there.


Construct a living and ever-growing pipe-maze

Next to the garden creation booth are setups of pipes and connectors.


It tested the kids creativity and problem solving skills.


I love such setups for it’s simplicity


And yet it really stretches the kids imagination.


And it gets them running around fetching pipes from one end to another.


The end result is a maze of pipe systems with colorful connectors that give it just that bit of character.


The activity will be opened over 9 – 11 Oct 2015 from 11am to 7pm at the Courtyard Green. Admission is free.

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