With crazy work schedules and always evolving young kids, things can get really out of hand.

Our oldest is settling into Primary two, our 2nd and 3rd are going to new classes as they promote to K1 and N1 respectively, and our youngest Kyra just started to realise the fun of crawling and making her parent’s heart drop as she scales Mount staircase.

Despite all that, we still have to ensure we make sure they are learning and developing well.

And I think it can be embedded into any premise and situation. You just need to be intentional about it.

For instance, bringing all four of them to the supermarket can be a real side show.

Everyone is clamouring for a spot on the trolley. One minute they like to sit in it, the next everybody wants to cling on to the side.

The easy way out is to take the disciplinary high ground and get them to obey.

A better alternative is to get them to participate in the whole supermarketing experience.

We do ours with a checklist that is entered into a to-do list app.

Kyan would manage the list. He would give instruction to Kylie to retrieve the items and checked it off.

Kylie would then pass the item to Kingsley who would drop it into the Trolley.

Daily Parenting App

But what if you don’t have such premise? Learning still goes on.

Which is why I love this new parenting app VROOM.

Parenting App - Vroom screenshot 1

VROOM was created by scientists and others using the latest research on brain development in young children.

According to the Vroom website, the first five years of a child’s life provide the foundation for all learning that happens after.

Every time parents interact with their child talking, singing, playing, reading – “children’s eyes light up, but their brains do too”.

And to make sure you don’t forget it under the mountain of other apps on your phone, VROOM has a reminder feature that will remind you to engage your child in seemingly simple activities that promote children’s brain development.

The activities are recommended based on the age group of your child. It could include everyday activities like changing diapers, getting dressed, mealtime, laundry, bath time, and other daily routines.

Parenting App - Vroom screenshot 2

My most recent activity with Kylie was to play a game of red/green light with her. She would walk when I say green and stop when I say red.

Then we would switch to walk on red and stop on the green. The purpose is to for her to focus intentionally on what I say so she could develop her mindfulness.

Besides the reward badges that I appreciate, the best part to it is no special equipment are required for any of these activities.

Just like the 7-minute workout, there are no excuses on not to do them.

The app is entirely free and is available on iOS and Android.

Give it a try today!