Taichung & Cingjing Adventures (Part 2)

After spending 2 days with the animals, we moved to the city of Taichung, for a stopover, before, moving up the hills to the arms of flora and fauna. Thanks to the wide selection in Agoda, we managed to streamline our selections to Hotel 1969 Blue Sky. It is a...

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Our Taiwan Family Vacation with 4 Kids (Part 1)

Papa Tan and Mama Tan were feeling brave and impulsive one fine day. And we decided that, YES! We should go on a vacation with just our 4 littles, with ZERO helpers. And so, we did! 8 days fun filled Taiwan, here we come! As both of us were pretty tied up at work, so...

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How Vacations Change After Children

When you had children, things changed. Maybe you were one of those people who swore that you would never change once you had kids, and that you’d carry on doing all the things you did before. Most expectant parents have said something along those lines. Then once you...

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5 Math Games For Long Travel Trips With Bored Children

Photo by Dino Reichmuth Continuing on our series on educational games suitable for children stuck in a car, we bring you math games that you can play on the road without any preparation or materials. Math has a reputation for being a difficult subject which many...

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Our Summer Glamping at Canopi Resort Bintan

After hearing so much about Canopi from our friends who had been there, we decided to bring myfuntasticfour there for our summer vacay! This is also the first time that we brought ALL FOUR on a vacation on our own, without any helpers. Seriously, it doesn’t feel like...

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Fast & Fuss Free Flower Delivery from A Better Florist

This post is in collaboration with A Better Florist I wasn't a fan of flowers as gifts. I think they’re fussy and fragile, not to mention expensive. This is why I prefer choosing gifts that are either useful or edible. As it turns out, flowers are just as satisfying...

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The Importance of Monitoring Your Child’s Phone

guest post Science fiction movies have successfully predicted various technological advancements that are coming to fruition today. From self-lacing shoes in Back to the Future to robotic vacuum cleaners in the Jetsons, these important parts of the media discuss...

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How parents should teach kids to control emotions.

Guest Post Tantrums and melt down can frustrate even most patient parents. If you are one of those “annoyed” parents, here are the things you can use to teach your kids acting on anger and strong feelings. How embarrassing and disappointing it is when your kid throws...

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Top Educational Games for preschool kids

Guest post Who says learning is tedious? Gone are the days when both teachers and parents will find kids inactive during classes either at home or in school. With the fast advancement of technology, learning can be fun and techie as well! When it comes to games for...

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Our CNY Family Trip To Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

This is a continuation of our family trip to Tokyo, Japan over CNY. You can view part 1 here. Day 5 - Tsukiji Fish Market | Ueno Tsukiji Market is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo. It is best known as one of the world's largest...

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Be Entertained at The Amazing Jungle Playgym – Amazonia

Media Invite My funtastic four (technically speaking only three since the youngest is grounded until she can walk) was invited to check out Amazonia Singapore recently and it was a blast. Theming from the USA & Canada, Amazonia brings you to an experience like no...

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