Our Nov/Dec Getaway!

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This year, we chose to sail instead.

With 4 kids and an elderly in tow, sailing on a cruise seem like the best option for us. We booked our year-end vacay 6 months in advance with Chan Bros.

And got quite a good deal, got upgraded to balcony rooms, with Citibank promo!

So, off we go for our 6D5N vacay!

We took the option of Drive & Cruise, @ $65, you can drive and park your car in Singapore Cruise Centre, and drive back after your holiday, which is a steal for us!

With 8, I probably have to book either 2 cars or a luxury MPV, that will cost us $50 per trip (that makes it $100 for to and fro!)

Day 1 – On the Ship

With much excitement, we check in at 12 noon, with a breeze.

As Mom is on wheelchair, that makes the check-in process even faster, we were quickly ushered to a shorter queue, and they even assisted to push the wheelchair all the way up the cruise. (Thumbs up for the service)

We had our lunch onboard at the inclusive Chinese restaurant. Food was quite mediocre. But well, it’s all included in the cruise package, so just eat! =)

After a filling lunch, we proceed to check out the humongous cruise, and all its facilities and entertainment to keep us occupied for 6D5N.

Tip: do make ur bookings for the inclusive shows on the first day. Plan your itinerary well, and books the seats for the shows. There are namely 3 shows onboard, that is included in your cruise ticket.

  1. Some like it HOT
  2. Sonio – A Tale of Two Dreams
  3. China’s Got Talent

More information about the show can be found here: https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en-sg/cruise-experiences/entertainment/shows/ 

Each show is about 45 mins, and even my youngest 2yo is very entertained by it!

And every inch of the cruise is a photography opportunity for the wife.

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Beside the popular gambling areas, they have arcade machines..

…Spider-man exhibits..

It didn’t take us long to get out of our clothes and into our swimming gear.

This is one of the main highlight of the ship. The water playground is huge and can occupy the kids for hours.

They have long tube slide…

4 jacuzzis for you to chill in

And if you wish to embarrass yourself, dancing exercises!

We spent almost everyday at the pool.

Day 2 – Penang

We went western for our breakfast. There are a total of 3 places you can go to for inclusive (read: no need to pay extra) meals. The top floor deck and the restaurants on level 7 and 8.

Our itinerary today includes disembarkation in Penang during early noon. Before that, we took the opportunity to send the two younger kids to Panda club.

They do art and craft, play games, and have lots of fun within the Little Panda Club. Our 2 younger kids kept bugging to go back to Panda Club every single day!

This is the place to drop off your kids (2 hours free per day) if you wish to get some adult time.

With free time on hand, what’s best to do is, to go for some casino time!

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The disembarkation was pretty easy in Penang as the dock is next to land.

We didn’t really plan what to do and had expected to just walk around. But with 8 pax in tow, walking around is tough to navigate.

After a few minutes, we gave up and engage a driver to bring us around.

We were brought to the Chocolate & coffee museum first.

We’ve been here before and it showcase the process of making chocolate and coffee, and then try to sell to you with inflated prices.

A new place we were brought to is the Ghost Museum.

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It’s like walking through a haunted house that is very Asian-inspired.

It feels really creepy even for me. Kylie even cried as she dragged her feets through it.

If your kids are prone to nightmare, you might wanna skip this place.

For my mum, we went to this gigantic sleeping buddha temple next.

Kids were kept occupied with coconut ice cream that they sold near the entrance[a].

One awesome thing about the ship is their supper place. Every night from 11pm, you get to sample restaurant grade dishes at SGD$1 each!

Day 3 – Phuket

This day brought us to my favourite country – Thailand.

Specifically, we docked in Phuket. There isn’t any near deep water harbour so the ship stopped quite far from shore and we transferred via smaller boats.

The beach area was packed with tourists as disembarkation happened concurrently with Royal Carribean.

Took us a while before our transport came along and ferry us to our lunch venue.

This time, we tried go-karting! Which is also rated as the most fun thing in this trip according to the kids! Kyan rode a go-kart on his own, the speed devil!

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Massage and shopping is a must-do in BKK. Of cos, stuffing ourselves silly with Thai Food before we board the cruise again!

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Day 4 – Langkawi

On this day, we docked in Langkawi, this time, we went only with the elder kids, Kyan and Kylie.

Leaving the younger kids to explore the remaining of the cruise with the grandma and the helper.

Its been some time since the older kids get their parents’ attention all to themselves.

Time well spent, i must say!

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I had been here close to 2 decades ago and couldn’t recall how it was like. But this time round, I’m really impressed by the place.

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The dock is next to land so we walked off the ship.

A Langkawi hack – do the long walk to the Resort area, tap on their wifi and use Grab to get your transport. It only costs us RM$9 instead of the RM$30 we were quoted by the touts.

Just note that you need to walk out to your ride as the resort doesn’t allow them to enter – probably to protect the touts.

Langkawi to me feels like Phuket before commercialisation sets in but still very much modern and connected.

The key thing is there are so little people it just feels less claustrophobic.

We didn’t wait long before jumping into our first water sports – banana boat!

Day 5 – Port Klang

Our final day of disembarkation brought us to Port Klang.

Again, it is just a walk-off but Port Klang is very far from anywhere. You need a ride to get to anywhere decent.

Another hack we learned was to go single-way. On your return, you can choose to take Grab or (like us) negotiate with our driver for a lower return rate as they don’t need to pay the operator commission.

We spend the bulk of our time in Pavilion to chill out and do some final shopping.

The wife went overboard, buying…… POPCORNS

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There was a lego event happening at the same time which the kids really enjoyed.

There was also a Disney setup in Pavilion and who doesn’t love Disney!

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As it is our last night onboard! We have to fully utilise our hours.

So we went for a game of bowling, and after putting the kids to bed, we went to rekindle our love at Zouk, the place we met eons years ago!

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Day 6: Time to head back home!

We were instructed to pack our luggages, tag it and leave it at the door before bed time.

Genting cruise was very organized, they have started collecting the luggages, and preparing for disembarking, at 2am.

With luggages gone, we couldn’t sneak in a last swim. What a waste.

However, Genting Dreams was very thoughtful, they screened the latest version of Jurassic Park, at the lounge area, and this kept the young and the old attracted to the screen while waiting for our turn to get off the ship.

Disembarkment was very swift, as it is when we boarded. And collecting luggages was a breeze as well!

With that, we ended our 6D5N sailing adventure, with 8 of us! We returned with 8 happy hearts and wonderful memories for keeps.