To our dearest 4-year-old Kylie,

You turn four on 30th March 2016. You are our princess, our angel that God has so kindly blessed our family with. And this is the first letter I am penning down specially for you, as Mommy would love you to read my thoughts when you grow up next time.


I dreamt and yearned for you, even before you are conceived. So when I know that it’s gonna to be Team Pink, I was over the moon! Conceiving you were tough, a really tough job! We tried so hard to conceive you (more than two years!). And when we finally succeeded, we jumped for joy. And throughout the pregnancy, it wasn’t a bed of roses. You were a breech baby. Thus Mommy had to go through a c-section to deliver you.


Not only that, the paediatrician had to bring me bad news on the day you were born. Being a breech baby, you are born with Hips Dyslexia. You had to be on two diapers each time so that your thighs will be spread open to facilitate the growth of your hip bones. You had to go through rounds of x-ray to make sure that your hip bone is well developed. Also, You sent us into a mad frenzy when you had a persistent fever at six weeks young, resulting in a five days hospitalization staycation. The first year with you was rough, never smooth sailing, but glad that we managed to ride it out!


During your third year, I have seen the most significant changes in you! What I am witnessing now are the growth of your mind and your personality. You are learning to give and to share. Although you are assertive (and shrewd at times!), you are always willing to share with your siblings. Taking good care of your little brother and looking forward to the arrival of the littlest one. Always asking when the baby is gonna come out!

Playing the role of a Big Sister

Playing the role of a Big Sister


You have a tremendous thirst for knowledge. Always keen to learn, to sing, to read and to write. Whenever Korkor Kyan is doing homework, you would want to join in and learn your ABCs and 123. In school, you are always the model student, actively participating in classroom activities. And because of you, I truly enjoy the parent-teacher meeting sessions (as I get none, or few complaints about you!) For this, I am extremely proud of you, my girl! Please keep this passion burning!


you love colors very much! Always injecting beautiful colors in your paintings

You love colors very much! Always injecting beautiful colors in your paintings


You are my beautiful little soul. I feel in love with you the moment I met you in the operating theatre. From you, I have learned patience, I have experienced family love, and we have evolved to a family of 6.  I am a better person for having you in my life. Thank you, Kylie, for teaching me valuable lessons that I cannot draw from the internet nor textbooks.


They always say, you are a mini version of Mommy, Kylie. I am proud to say that the mini version of myself is way better that the original one. Happy 4th Birthday Princess Kylie! We love you with all my hearts.

On your fourth birthday!

On your fourth birthday!


With lots of love, Mommy