Who in Singapore has not been to a staycation???

I am sure 80% of Singaporeans have at least been for a staycation.

But not for my kids, they had never been to a staycation before.

Also, the wife is heavily pregnant and barred from travelling out of Singapore.

Thus this March Holidays, we decided to try something different and lug the family along to Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa, for a well-deserved break!

Under the lights at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Got a pretty good deal from Agoda for the Hard Rock Hotel 2D1N staycation.

Even though check-in time was 3pm, the kids could not contain their excitement and pestered us to leave the house.

We had breakfast and made our way there at 11am.

Check-in process was smooth, without any queue.

As we were so early, the room wasn’t ready for us yet.

BUT, the pool that faces the lobby, was so inviting and tempting that my kids couldn’t wait to jump in and bask in the sun and sand!


We gotten changed and here we go!

Got a good tan in the 12pm sun!


Oh and try not to fall asleep near the beach or this might happen:


After a 2 hour of play and swim, all of us were tired and hungry.

And thanks to the efficiency of the hotel, we were allowed an early check in at 1.30pm.

We washed up, and headed for lunch at RWS!

There were so many F&B choices, we were spoilt for choices.

Ended up having Korean at the latest food join, Insandong Korean Town.

Headed back to the room with a full and satisfied stomach!

The room did not disappoint! It was clean, and spacious.

IMG_1296 A King size bed, with a pull-out mattress for Kyan!


No need for a connecting room as of now! Kyan, Kylie and King jumped on the springy King size bed, to test the mattress for us!


Thanks kids! And explore all other TV channels available!

After all the intensive actions, they finally looked a little tired! (READ: Happiness for parents, can finally rest!)

However, our happiness is short-lived. Really short.

the kids took 30 minutes for a cat-nap to recharge their batteries and are all ready to charge again!

This time round, we explored outside RWS, We took Sentosa Express and headed for Silosa Beach!!!! Our first stop, the Skyride and the Luge!


Because, Kingsley is too short and the wife is too BIG (I mean too heavily pregnant) for the ride. They sat in the shade and waited while I brought both the elder kids up for the skyride and the Luge!


We ended the day with a sumptuous dinner at Ding Tai Feng, with happy stomachs and happy kids!

The Tan Kids, absolutely does not understand that a holiday or a staycation is to sleep in A LOT A LOT A LOT!

Because they woke their poor parents up at 7am! HUH! For breakfast.

With heavy eyelids and souls that were still glued to the bed, the kids succeeded in dragging their parents up for breakfast and a final swim before we checked out at 12pm.

Despite the back-to-back line up of activities and lack of sleep, the Tan family had truly enjoyed their short but fun staycation.

And we hope to do this more often!

Yeah to Quality Family Time spent together!


Useful Information

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269