One of our destination towards the end of the June school holiday brought us all the way to the west side of Singapore.

Nope it isn’t Science centre but it’s close.

In fact it is next door – KidsStop.

The original intention was Snow City but given we had to bring our 2 months old along, it doesn’t seem like the wisest thing to do.

So what’s KidsStop?

KidsSTOP™ is a one-of-its-kind edutainment centre in Singapore that aims to engage children from pre-school to lower primary levels, aiming to expose them to science in their formative years. In an environment specially designed for young children, trained science communicators guide and facilitate play and learning in various thematic zones. Exhibits and zones are designed to promote and foster parent-child bonding through hands-on activities and programmes.


Occupying over 3,000 square meters and housed within the Omni Theatre building, this pioneering social venture beckons kids to step into an imaginary world and embark on an exciting and inspiring journey of discovery!

Family shot just outside of KidsStop

Getting ready for KidsStop!

Since this is an edutainment centre, everything centres around learning.

Articifial flower bed in KidsStop

Articifial flower bed in KidsStop

From teaching kids about flowering to the four seasons, KidsStop has something for every curious mind.

An exhibit at KidsStop teaching kids about the four seasons.

The four seasons

There are also stuffs which allows more practical learning, such as the construction exhibit below:

Construction exhibit at KidsStop

Or if one prefers to don a pilot’s jacket and pretend to fly a plane:

A play size airliner at KidsStop

I’m a pilot!!

One that my kids really had great fun was pretending to be archaeologist, discovering dinosaurs bones in a large sand pit.

Dinasaur fossil sand pit at KidsStop

Is that a T-Rex???

Kyan, Kylie and Kingsley in the dinosaur sand pit

I found a bone!

Another fun area is the medical corner. This is where kids learn about x-ray and body systems. There’s a virtual augmentation machine that super-impose over your body with body parts in real-time.

Medical corner in KidsStop

Kylie holding up a huge set of teeth in nursing costume at KidsStop

Say AH!

If you prefer something more fast-paced, check out the super market.


And a kitchen next to it.

Kingsley in Japanese chef costume at KidsStop

Ready in 5 minutes!

Kylie holding up a toy cheese at KidsStop


The highlight of that place must be the massive web crawler contraption. Protected in soft but sturdy wire meshes, platforms are placed at various heights for kids to climb from one to another.

Web Crawler at KidsStop

I reckon the thing reaches a height of two stories.

Platform climbers at KidsStop

Perhaps the most heart thumping activity there would be the giant slide ride. Kyan was initially hesitant, citing fear of heights, sweaty palms, sunday and many other reasons. But he relented and wanted to go again.

If you have kids 3 year old and younger, they also have a safer corner with all the rubbery and spongy stuffs.


9:30 am to 1:30 pm & 2 pm to 6pm daily
Weekdays admission: Child (18 months to 8 years) – $5 | Adult – $2
Weekends & PH: Child (18 months to 8 years) – $10 | Adult – $5

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