Getting my kids to not be afraid of water isn’t easy.

Every time a drop lands on their face, they would give me the reaction that I often do when hit by a football just below the belly.

But the fear of water seems to have subside quite a fair bit ever since they come to enjoy playing with water. And that started when we discovered and brought them to Splash N Surf Singapore Sports Hub.

Splash N Surf brings to you a variety of recreational water activities for everybody. It has a Water Play Area, Kids Pool, Stingray® and Lazy River.

Ever since we went there during the soft launch around January 2015, we have been back a dozen time. It is less than 10 minutes from our place and you can always find parking.

The rooftop water park isn’t as immense as Adventure Cove or Wild Wild Wet but it is sizable enough to keep the kids occupied and make sure their batteries go flat after a couple of hours.

And this isn’t like your typical water playground where you have a few water fountains and sprouts.

It comes with a huge shallow pool that kids can take a dip in or have fun at the carousel with yellow bucket seats for toddlers in a corner.

and one of the key reason why many kids love this place – the orange water slide:

It’s about 3 meters off the ground. I tried it myself. It is short enough not to spit out a traumatize kid but long enough to pack some serious velocity, and create a humongous splash at impact.

There are also 4 other colorful slides to appeal to younger kids.

They also have the water bucket which I totally adore. We would sit below it and wait in jitters. And just when you decide to look up to see why it is taking so far, SPLASH!

A few steps away is another part of  Splash N Surf and it comes with a lazy river ride for you to chillax on the float while the current brings you around, mesmerizing you with the melodic pace and zenful sound of water waves.

It only cost $2 per entry with unlimited usage.

There are changing and shower facilities just foot steps away from the pool so don’t worry about dripping wet on your transit back home.

If you haven’t, bring your kids to try out the water playground at Sports Hub. Admission is free.

Rooftop above Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628
Open from 8 am to 10 pm daily