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Science fiction movies have successfully predicted various technological advancements that are coming to fruition today.

From self-lacing shoes in Back to the Future to robotic vacuum cleaners in the Jetsons, these important parts of the media discuss possible implications of new technology.

There are positive as well as negative side effects that come along with the introduction of new technology.

This dichotomy is important to analyze as it gives us insight into whether or not the positives outweigh the negatives.

One such case that has caused a cultural revolution is the introduction of mobile technology.

As with the technologies introduced in society’s favorite science fiction movies, there are inherent dangers with allowing these devices to infiltrate our lives.

Smartphones and laptops in particular, are notorious for the dangers they present for children.

Due to the excessive amount of threats to a child’s safety that are easily accessible online, it is integral for parents to monitor their kid’s phone to ensure that they are not coming across anything that could be harmful to their future.

One reason why it is important to monitor a child’s phone is to quickly identify any sort of cyberbullying that may be going on.

According to studies from i-safe and the Cyber Bullying Research Center, over half of all adolescents and teens have had issues with being bullied online and only one in six of their parents are aware that their children have been bullied in this manner.

This goes to show that children are not willing to tell their parents, even though the bullying may be causing them undue psychological harm.

Children may not be fully aware of the importance in speaking up when they are being bullied online as the bully could potentially use threatening advances to prevent the child from telling an authority figure.

According to, more than 33% of young people have been threatened online.

This shocking statistic goes to show the importance of monitoring a child’s device as they might be afraid to tell their parents about it if they are experiencing this type of bullying.

An additional reason as to why parents should be monitoring how their children spend their time on the web is due to the presence of online predators who may have intentions of manipulating them in a way that causes irreparable psychological harm.

According to a study done by the national sex offender public website, nearly 30% of cases where a predator contacts a child involve the predator asking for sexual photos of the kid.

A child who does not know any better may be willing to send this type of picture, which can quickly circulate around the internet and be a source of embarrassment and could pose a potentially dangerous situation for their anonymity.

This sort of manipulation is very dangerous and is only becoming more common as younger children obtain access to technology.

Online predators can have a drastic effect on a child’s life, so it is important to catch any suspicious messages early on before they become a problem.

In summary, monitoring a child’s phone and online activities is extremely important in ensuring that they have a healthy and safe experience with technology.

While an increased presence of technology in our lives can be beneficial, it also comes at the cost of exposing children to newfound dangers.

There are numerous aspects of technology that pose risks towards young children as they may not fully understand the consequences of interacting with it.

Although it may seem like an intrusion of privacy to monitor a child’s interaction with the internet, it does have its benefits as it helps to lessen the chance of him or her being negatively impacted by people with malicious intent and saves them from psychological trauma.