Located at AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor Bahru is the fantasy of all kids – FANPEKKA.

Within it, you can find a town that Tonttu cast his magic spells on. Tonttu is a small fairy who helps Santa Claus.

It is an incredible town with the coexistence of “Present” and “Beyond”, providing a different kind of adventures for its visitors

My Funtastic Four was invited to visit this awesome place and it was a magical experience indeed.

For a tl;dr version, check out the video highlights below.

The journey begins with chopping your Fanpekka passport at the point of entry. Accumulation of stamps will provide gifts and surprises.

Fanpekka is broken into different areas – catering to each visitors’ unique preference.

Fanpekka Map


Role Play

The kids ran straight to the Role Play section where they get to play pretend in shops that are selling things from Pizza…

to flowers…

to burgers…

to ice cream.

Our little one also can’t wait to get into some cashiering action of her own.

Very soon, my dining table becomes a cluster of foodstuffs.

Lasten Ocean

The highlight of Fanpekka has to be the ginormous pirate ship that is nested in the middle of an even large ball pit.

This thing is so big that the kids could practically play there for an hour and not repeat the same activity!


Lasten Castle

Next to Lasten Ocean is a castle that houses many mysteries, surprises and secret passages.

Here’s me entering the castle and exiting the castle down an interactive slide.


Build By Own House

Most indoor playground provides foam blocks for you to build a mini house.

Not at Fanpekka. Over here, you go pre-fab.

The walls could be connected easily to create your own house.

And not to forget the fixtures and pieces of furniture.

There are a lot more things to check out.

Occupying about 27,500 square feet at the second floor of AEON Tebrau City’s New Wing, one can literally spend hours in the place.

Some useful information if you intend to visit Fanpekka soon!

  1. Reminder to bring socks for both adults and kids
  2. If you are feeling hungry after all the running around, there is a café just next to Fanpekka.
  3. Toilets and baby changing area are available within the premises

FANPEKKA admission fee is RM66 inclusive of 1 child(RM55) and 1 adult(RM11) meanwhile an additional adult will be charged at RM11 *children must be accompanied by guardian above 18 years old. Operating hours from 10:00am to 10:00pm including weekdays and weekends.

This post is sponsored by Aeon Fantasy