It was our usual weekend one day JB tour, to get our necessities (at a cheaper rate, its expensive to rear 4 kids ok!), and we chanced upon this huge and fun playground at Aeon Tebrau City, Fanpekka.

So, of cos, the kids would not missed out the chance in checking out the latest indoor playground!

Fanpekka is really huge, occupying about 27,500 square feet at the second floor of AEON Tebrau City’s New Wing.

It was newly opened in End 2016, so it is still relatively new and clean!

Kyan and Kylie was so excited in dashing in to play.

They were given each a passport to collect chops, I reckon to earn points for every visit?

We were first greeted with a vast selection of play pretend stations, ranging from ice-creme parlour, bakery, supermarket and florist.

Each booths have cute little uniform for the kids to don on.

And I must say every booths are neatly arranged after every play.

The staffs are very prompt in putting back the toy props, all ready for the next little kid to visit.

After working 5 minutes in each profession, my kids moved on to the next playarea!

Which in my opinion is the most fun!

They get to build a house from scratch.

Daddy assisted in building the house, with the panels that Fanpekka has provided.

Both Kylie and Kyan were busy procuring items for their dream home!

It’s a place where kids imagination ruun freely!

They ended off with a neat, beautiful and cosy little home of their own. How I wish they could keep their real home like this too!!!

The final area, was one of Kyan’s most preferred one!

The hugeeeeeee ballpit, with long winding slides and canons to shoot balls around!

Some useful information if you intend to visit Fanpekka soon!

  1. Reminder to bring socks, for both adults and kids, if not u send up paying RM6 like me, for a lousy quality sock
  2. If you are feeling hungry after all the running around, there is a café just next to Fanpekka. And I was given a free cake coupon for purchasing entry tickets.
  3. Toilets and baby changing area are available within the premises
  4. Admission fee is at RM55 (ages 2-11) and RM11 for adult. Children below 2 is free! (so cheap right?! Considering that the exchange rate is 3.13 now!)
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