Amazing view isn’t it?

I love Phuket.

The food, the people, the beaches and all the activities such as water-rafting and para-sailing that you can’t find in Singapore.

My first time to Phuket was back in 2000. It was not as polished as now but it mesmerized me with its beauty and incredible view of endless ocean.

It was also our honeymoon destination and I remembered clearly it was just after the unfortunate tsunami.

Most beach front was wrecked and they were just undergoing reconstruction works.

The first ever company trip at my previous business was at Phuket. We stayed at The Bell Phuket. All 10 of us in a villa with a swimming pool and 3 rooms. That had been the best team-bonding ever for me.

Before we messed it up

But bringing 3 young kids there is the first

Can they tolerate the food? Will they throw up after the tuktuk commute? Would they get skin cancer from too much sun?

Alas I was over-reacting.

Family photo at The Big C Family photo at The Big C

The trip went amazingly smooth. Kudos to the meticulous planning done up by my wife. And we had another family with us so that made it 6 young kids altogether.

Here’s a handful of places we went to that you might like to include into your next itinerary.

1. Upside down house

The place is owned by a German and it is basically a house that is upside down. Obviously a lot of screws and glues have gone into this to defy gravity.

Upside Down House Phuket

It’s pretty fascinating and the kids were really amused to see every single item in an upside down environment

2. Trick Eye Museum

We’ve heard much about the one in Singapore but our first visit to a trick eye museum started off at Phuket. This require us to head to Phuket Town but it was well worth the journey.

Kylie and Kyan having tea Kylie and Kyan having tea

Little Kingsley had fun too, I think.

Don’t kill me pweeeez

3. Patong Beach

This is one of the most famous beach in Phuket and it didn’t disappoint.

With shoreline stretching from end to end, the beach is filled with bustling activities, lazy tourists and sea sports participants.

Building sand castles

How did we ensure our sanity with 6 young kids? I think these are what we did right:

a. Go with the right people

Traveling is a great test of relationships and we were fortunate enough to travel with like-minded people that also happen to have 3 young kids.

Upside Down House Outside Upside Down House

They understand what we are going through and vice versa. That helps us to cover each other backs and so everyone can spend more time enjoying than complaining.

b. Have lots of “ammunition” 

To keep the young kids entertained at all times, we armed ourselves with lots of ammunition. Snacks, toys and books. Trying our best to keep away from iphones & ipads during the holidays.

Kylie and her friend devouring down a bottle of snacks Water play toys to keep them entertained by the pool

c. Bring your helper (if you can) 

for us, would always like to bring our helper along for a holiday. thou it might seem like a work trip for them. It is also an eye-opener for her to be able to step out of the country and see more things.

My helper told me that it would be impossible for her to go on trips when she gets back to Indonesia. So, we would like to reward her with trips within our budget.

And as a plus point about bringing our helper along. we get more sane time. And in fact, after the kids turn in for the night, mommies and daddies get to go out for a good foot rub and make you bellies happy too, with a good ole supper!

Joe's Downstairs Having couple time @ Joe’s Downstairs

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