It’s no secret that raising children and managing a business are both challenging in so many ways.

But if you think about it, entrepreneurs actually have unique skills that give them an edge when it comes to parenting.

Their distinct curiosity, resourcefulness and creativity enable them to share so many important lessons with their little ones.

Are you a business owner and a parent? I’m sure you can teach your children these six values.


1. Action Orientation

Driven entrepreneurs are always ready to take action.

They like to immediately act on business ideas that excite them.

Their desire to experiment and take risks is so powerful, that they are always in the process of transforming the smallest ideas into game-changing actions.

As an entrepreneurial parent, you can teach your children the importance of knowing when to take risks.

If you see them having second thoughts about doing something they are passionate about, encourage and guide them to be more action-oriented.


2. Mindset of Growth

Contrary to what children are often taught, failure is actually essential to success.

The most successful entrepreneurs can attest to this fact.

Rather than teaching your children to avoid failure at all costs, help them realize that unsuccessful experiences can be a limitless trove of important lessons.

Failure is just a stepping stone towards better decisions and lifelong improvement.

If your children don’t succeed at something they worked hard for, be there to support and guide them to learn from the experience.

Make it impossible for them not to succeed in their future endeavors.


3. Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurial success is impossible without financial education.

And even if your children don’t decide to become entrepreneurs in the future, making sure they know the basics of financial literacy will set them on the path to success.

Try to work fundamental concepts into your conversations and slowly work your way to more advanced lessons such as profit, revenue, expenses and savings.


4. Independence

The leading entrepreneurs of today all have a unique sense of autonomy.

Rather than trying to micromanage all aspects of their venture, they always look at the big picture.

In parenting, micromanaging is also known as helicopter parenting.

Helicopter parents believe they must always be involved in all aspects of their children’s lives.

This approach is quite overprotective and can actually hurt their young ones’ ambition and confidence by making them too dependent on authority.

So instead of trying to be a part of all your children’s experiences and problems, just give them guidance, support and the freedom to welcome new adventures.


5. Sales Keenness

The ability to build productive and lasting relationships is a skill possessed by successful entrepreneurs.

They don’t just wait for opportunities to arise; they go out there and grab them.

Their driven nature gives them an advantage in various situations.

By honing your children’s sales acumen, you will be teaching them to always speak up when they have a solution to existing problems.

This will develop their confidence and courage to make the most of all opportunities that will come their way as they grow.


6. Love for Lifelong Learning

A passion for lifelong improvement is one of the biggest qualities that separate the greatest entrepreneurs from the rest.

They are in an unending process of improving their business as well as themselves.

Although they don’t necessarily chase perfection, they always have their eyes set on excellence.

They constantly develop healthy habits, adapt to changes, and challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone.

Aside from setting your children up for success, sharing these values with them will also make your bonding time more meaningful and memorable.

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