Parenting a big family is a great joy, but this joy comes with its own set of challenges.

One such challenge is managing and stretching financial resources in order to provide your kids with everything they need.

Savvy parents sometimes overcome this challenge by searching the Internet for various freebies that come handy and cut down their expenses.

If you are raising one or more preschoolers or school kids, then you are probably constantly faced with the need to provide all sorts of kids labels and stickers from name tags for clothes, sports gear and camping, backpacks, pencils, notebooks and textbook stickers, birthday parties and gift tags, and so on.

From daycare to kindergarten to grade school, stickers and labels will be recurring theme and expense in your household.

One way to cut down expenses and make your kid feel unique and special at the same time is to design your children labels and stickers yourself.

Although this sounds like a task that requires special design skills and experience, it is definitely not if you use a free online tool like Labeley.

Labeley is a free web-based application for creating custom labels and stickers for all sorts of purposes, both personal and business (homemade products and home-based small businesses, crafts, corporate parties and events, etc).

However, Labeley also has a whole section or, in other words, separate tool dedicated to kids labels only.

This is where you can design completely personalized labels for all your kids items. It is very easy to use (as a matter of fact, you can actually involve your kids into the design process to help them develop or simply express their creativity and individuality).

Start by choosing the best shape for your label and then customize it by selecting one of already pre-designed borders that usually come with an artistic illustration (as you can see on the screenshot below) and applying colorful background.


After that you can further enhance your creation with one of dozens available graphics you kid will love.


On top of that you can also upload an image or photo from your computer to create a totally unique and original labels for your little one.

And of course, to make your label serve the purpose, add the text – kid’s name, grade, school, etc. You can choose among various fonts in a full color palette.

When both you and you child are happy, you can save the label by clicking the button in the upper right corner and then download to your computer.

Once downloaded, you can print labels on you personal home printer or wherever you want.

The best thing about Labeley is that to create and download your design you don’t have to share any personal details like an email account or phone address.

Just create, save and download.

On the other hand, if you think that you may want to modify that same sticker for future use, you can register for a free Labeley account and store your designs there totally free for as long as you want.

Also, if you want your kids stickers professionally printed on the most appropriate material, you can use Labeley printing services.

They offer really competitive and affordable prices for small quantities of labels (as few as you may need).