It has been nothing short of a fantastic four weeks! I have been eating well, resting and milking for the past four weeks. Today is the last day of my confinement, and I would like to share my thought on the importance of having a good confinement done.


What is confinement?

Confinement is the thirty to forty days period of reconditioning your body after childbirth, through a strict and nutritious diet and plenty of rest.


Why is it important to have a good confinement?


1. Physical Health

Childbirth is very taxing on the human body, be it a natural delivery or a caesarian section delivery.

Giving birth is as hard as running 3X full marathons (Men, don’t laugh ok! It is true!).

So during confinement, it is important to eat nutritious food and have plenty of rest.

Personally, I had been through 3 C-section deliveries, and for the first week after you operation, you walk like an elderly (just lacking the clutches).

It is quite impossible to be able to cook for yourself and the whole family.

I am quite fortunate to be able to get my confinement lady, who never fails to whip up tasty and nutritious food for my family and me.

Many would say they are sick and tired of eating the same food over and over again, or, they would complain that confinement food is boring!

Not for me. I am enjoying every bit of my confinement food. It is full of varieties yet not lacking in the nutrients department.

Always serving amazing dishes on our dining table. No wonder, I am unable to lose my pregnancy fats

Always serving amazing dishes on our dining table. No wonder, I am unable to lose my pregnancy fats


creative fruit tarts that my CL made for teabreak

Creative fruit tarts that my CL made for tea break


Another extraordinary creation of hers. Totally out of the normal confinement menu!

Another extraordinary creation of hers. Totally out of the usual confinement menu!


As for rest, my confinement lady makes sure that I am well-rested by taking overnight duties.

As we know, newborns do not know how to differentiate between day and night.

They just wake up when they are hungry, or simply when they feel like it!

Gosh, not to mention the 3 hourly feeds in wee hours.

For me, my duty is to pump out the breastmilk, store in the fridge and my excellent CL does the rest!


2. Mental Well-Being


Having a new baby is life-changing, disrupts the normal routine and can cause stress, which leads to postnatal depression.

This is especially true for first-time mothers, as they do not know what to expect, why my baby doesn’t sleep, why my milk is insufficient, why my tummy is so big.

Plenty of questions bothering them.

When I was having my first child, Kyan, I thought I could handle a newborn, and do not need to hire a confinement aunty. I was totally wrong.

My newborn was crying at wee hours, did not want to sleep, and I was facing engorgement, was in total pain.

Even a happy person that I usually am was almost sinking into depression.

From then on, for all my subsequent childbirths, I make sure I hire a confinement lady.

With an experience confinement lady, your questions will be answered by her, giving you good advice on how to handle your newborn.


3. Milk Supply

milk supply at 3 weeks post partum

milk supply at three weeks postpartum

Having sufficient breast milk for your infant is the top priority for new mothers (most).

To have a good amount, you need to have ample rest, lots of fluid (red-date drink) and nutritious food.

My confinement lady will remind me to drink lots of fluid by making sure the red date drink is readily available for my consumption.

During the first few weeks of stabilising my milk supply, she cooks milk booster meals for me, such as green papaya fish soup.

At four weeks postpartum, I can proudly say that besides total breastfeeding my newborn Kyra, I am also supplementing Kingsley and Kylie with breastmilk. Not only that, I still can freeze 1-2 packets daily!


4. Time with your loved ones

Having four kids with such close age gap is not easy. I would need to divide myself into four pieces.

But with a good help, I can devote my time to the three older siblings to help them gradually adjust to a new family member, so that they will not feel that Kyra is here to “snatch mommy away”. In this way, I hope they can foster a close sibling ties!

Kingsley smiling at his littlest sister with love

Kingsley smiling at his littlest sister with love

Big Korkor looking sheepish carrying Kyra

Big Korkor looking sheepish carrying Kyra


5. Training for the future

My confinement lady will personally train my maid the basics of taking care of an infant baby, like feeding and burping, bathing the baby and changing soiled diapers.

Besides that, and additional perk, she teaches my maid to cook the delicious dishes. Although my maid has only mastered 10% of her skills.


In conclusion, a happy and well-rested mommy will result in a happy baby, and ultimately a happy family!

Our Happy Family of 6

Our Happy Family of 6


Today is her last day with us. Frankly, I can’t help but feel a surge of sadness in me. This is my last pregnancy and confinement, and i know I would miss her help and her cooking.

Meanwhile, the real deal has just begun, four kids all by myself! Wishing us the best of luck!


Huang Tai, the magical confinement lady to my last three kids. We will miss you so much!