Guess how many daddy bloggers finalist under Best Family Blog on Singapore Blog Awards 2015?

One. (RascalDads)

This is out of 10 finalists.

So I checked into the nominees list.

There are 44 of them, and only 4 are daddy bloggers (RascalDads, The Wacky Duo, The Perfect Father and SengKang Babies). The ones that appear to be written by both parents are not counted.

That is less than 10%.

What’s the research about?

I had been blogging since 2005 and up til recently, it has been very corporate. I blog about recruitment, workplace, careers and entrepreneurship. Once or twice a year, I might blog about my travel.

And as I’m heading into the brick wall of ‘I don’t know what else to write’, I thought why not write an article about my parenting experience as a father.

So I started with one about my experience in bringing out three kids alone and how to make that as enjoyable as possible.

My general article typically takes me more than 4 hours to construct. Half of the time will be spent on research and the other on writing and proofreading.

Since this post was much more experiential, it took far lesser time to construct the article about bringing my kids out.

My Pageviews spike

My Pageviews spike

From a hundred per day, it jumped to 1,321 on 17 May Sunday (the day it was published) and hit 2,000 on Monday.

There is only one hyperlink to Marina Square, and I don’t think they helped to share.

To-date, it has clocked 3,750 pageviews.

So I went into my ‘I might be on something’ mode and continue writing a few more, experimenting with the day/time to push it out socially.

Since then I had written about:

Aside to aspiring daddy bloggers: if you intend to post on the weekend, publishing on Sunday will give you more traffic. That’s at least based on what I’ve seen so far.

So Are there other daddy bloggers?

That was what I set out to do after my mild success in writing in this genre. There are certainly demand and interest in reading about what fathers have to say about their parenting journey.

But there are very little daddy bloggers here in Singapore.

Based on repeated Google searches and going through all 18 pages of results, I dare say my list (in alphabetical order) below is the most comprehensive one you can find online.

I hope this will encourage more daddy to “come out of the closet” and share with us your learning experience and journey as a father.

1. Becoming Home:

Becoming Home

Daddy Tay is a counsellor by profession. He writes primarily with occasional post by his wife. They write about their parenting experience of their son Xu Heng, who arrived a mere 10 days after their anniversary.

2. BlogFather/Dear Xander: |


Written by Daddy Winston Tay, Dear Xander is written from an open letter perspective to his son. His letter to his son covers learning points he dishes out to him to about his reflection on him growing up so quickly. He also manages BlogFather, an idea to bring together a community of daddy bloggers to learn from each other.

3. Cheekiemonkie:


Daddy Kelvin Ang is probably the most popular Daddy Blogger in Singapore. His wife was the one who started the blog in 2005 but he took over the reins since she went back to work after her maternity. Since then he has gone to write a book ‘Got Kids, Go Where?’ – a book of 500 activities for parents to do with their kids in Singapore.

His blog also went on to be named one of the 10 Most Popular Lifestyle Blogs by The New Paper in 2013 and was one of the Top 10 Finalists for the Best Family Blog Award in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012.

4. Christopher Vu:

Christopher Vu

Barely any information could be found about the mysterious Daddy Christopher Vu. His blogging style is very different from other conventional daddy blog with the heavy emphasis in using artistic photos to tell his stories.

5. Daddy Chow:


Daddy Chow started his blog when his child arrived in March 2014. He loves sharing his wonderful journey of parenting with everyone out there and hope his blog posts would be able to change mindsets as well as impact lives.

Blogging about parenting enables me to have an avenue to share my personal experiences in bringing up my son. It also helps me to reflect on the things that I have done and to see how I can be a better dad to my kid. – Daddy Chow

6. Ed Unloaded:

ED Unloaded

Father of 3, Edmund is a pro-family activist and believes strongly in family bonding. His blog reflects his belief, in which he documents his pleasures and challenges of being a husband, a father and a friend to his wife and children. It is heartening to read through this blog as you’ll get to enter the world of a down-to-earth family of five.

7. Home Daddy Blog:

Home Daddy Blog

Daddy Kelvin is a stay-at-home-dad, a daddy blogger and a part-time lecturer at private institutions. He ended his work life in 2014. He has 2 kids, a 2007 boy and a 2009 girl, who never fail to add sugar and spice to their lives.

[Update on 22 April 2016: The author has deleted this site. :(]

8. Incy Wincy Spider:

Incy Wincy Spider

Daddy Darren Yang manages this blog with his wife. They write about the stories of their kids Aiden and Ava growing up, their parenting journey and living life to the fullest – from the eyes of a young couple in Singapore with two children.

9. J Babies’ Dad:

J Babies' Dad

Daddy Isaiah Kuan is the father of two beautiful girls. He is an Accountant by training but a Pastoral Worker in life. He is an avid photographer so you can expect a very visual experience when you run through his blog, which he started in 2010.

10. Lemon Film:

Lemon Film Website


Started back in 2011 and passionate about photography, Daddy Soon Koon created to capture and blog about his wife’s cooking ideas and their travel moments together. After his boy Kayden is born, he started sharing his fatherhood journey and ideas to his readers.

11. Life’s Tiny Miracles:

Life's Tiny Miracles

Daddy David is the principal contributor and photographer of this blog which was originally started by his wife Angie. The blog is their collection of thoughts and reflections about parenthood. They had quite a tough journey to parenthood and David uses this platform to share his perspectives as a husband and father in coping with infertility, child-losses, P1 registrations, adoptions and other experiences that shape them as a family.

12. MiniLiew:

Mini Liew

Daddy Kenneth Liew not only writes well about his parenting adventure but also does extremely professional review of tech gadgets. Check out his extensive review on the Apple Watch.

13. Mr Brown:

Mr Brown

Daddy Lee Kin Mun, better known as mrbrown, is a Singaporean blogger best known for publishing social and political commentary amid Singapore’s tight media restrictions. Affectionately known by many as Singapore’s “Blogfather”, Lee is one of the more well-known bloggers in the Singaporean blogosphere.

He is also the father to three children and occasionally blog about them – Faith who is ten and autistic, Isaac, who is eight years old, and Joy, six, the littlest.

14. Mr Miyagi:

 Mr Miyagi

Daddy Mr Miyagi, a.k.a. Benjamin Lee is an established show writer, having written staged comedy and sketch for Kumar and Hossan Leong.

He writes on and off this blog and sometime will write about his parenting experience with his son Kai.

“I only write occasionally about being a parent – and I write because I want to share the joy I get from being with my son – Benjamin Lee

15. Nick Pan:

Nick Pan

Daddy Nick Pan runs a very nicely designed blog and has been blogging since 2000. He blogs a lot about his kids, life in Singapore and Web Design. His blog is literally his memory as he professes he have an absolute hopeless memory and the blog serves as his memory backup.

With his wife Pearl, they have 3 daughters, Clié, Cleo and Clara. Being a parent, he tries to use innovative ways to let his kids experience the world.

16. Patrick Pang:

Patrick Pang

Daddy Patrick Pang is a father of 3. His blog documents the interesting side of his observation of his children and showcases how he manages his children. He also write about the community projects he has been working on.

17. PaTH:


Daddy Kelvin Tan chronicles his parenting journey via a dedicated facebook page. He quit his teaching job when his wife’s mother, who had been looking after his 3 children suffered a stroke and died within months. He felt it make more sense for him to stay at home as he can drive and his wife can’t, so he can ferry his kids around.

18. Rascal Dads:

Rascal Dads

Rascal Dads has been created to document the hardship of “single” men raising their kids alone. Managed by Daddy Darren How and Victor Tai, their blog is the only one that is written in English and Mandarin. They each have a son they write about.

19. Roaming Glass:

 Roaming Glass

Daddy Vincent Lee started the blog in 2009 after his first boy Xavier was born, as he wanted to record the memories and moments like a online diary. He is now a daddy of two boys, Xavier and Lucas. Most of the post are about the boys and his journey as a daddy.

Occasionally he blogs about good food and food he loves, his photography and toys.

20. Sengkang Babies:

Sengkang Babies is a daddy blog run by Andy who shares the adventures of his wife and 4 children. He cherishes his children and believes there is only one childhood for kiddos so he wants to give them the best the first time round.

His blogging journey started in 2009 when his daughter was born. Most of his blog entries surrounds the daily lives of his children and the different phases of them growing up. Looking for interesting activities to attend or places to visit over the weekend? Andy’s blog is the place to go.

21. Stranger in Bangkok:

Stranger In Bangkok

Daddy Eddie is a Singaporean-born Malaysian. He is currently based in Bangkok since 2009 and his blog started off as a platform for him to give timely updates to his friends and relatives back in Singapore and Malaysia, and to also give them an insight to Thailand from an outsider’s (not tourists’s) perspective. His blog has a bit of traveling, parenting and food.

22. The Perfect Father:

The "Perfect" Father

The “Perfect” Father is run by a Daddy Blogger by the name of Steven. Husband to a wonderful wife, Laifong and father to four beautiful children named Steffi, Leroy, Stacci and Louie. He started blogging and documenting the growth and adventures of the kids and continuously learning to be the PERFECT father, hence the inverted commas.

23. The Wacky Duo:

Wacky_Duo was officially launched on 1st March 2012. For most parts he is the boys’ ‘ghost writer’, providing insights on their wacky escapades. The kids are the main stars of the blog. He occasionally give sneak peeks on parenthood, social commentary and topics of personal interest.

24. This is your father:


This is your father

Daddy Randy is a dad of four kids, including 2 unborn ones, whom didn’t survive past the first trimester. He writes his blog in an open letter format mainly for his kids to read when they are older.

This blog does exactly what this blog does, for you boys to read, I made it public so that I can share our journey with others. Life is, a journey made better, when we talk together. It has taken an interesting turn, gaining a little publicity. I never planned for or thought this will happen. For me, its just write, write and write, as and when I feel like it. – Daddy Randy

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