This is a continuation of our family trip to Tokyo, Japan over CNY. You can view part 1 here.

Day 5 – Tsukiji Fish Market | Ueno

Tsukiji Market is a large wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo.

It is best known as one of the world’s largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day.

Some of you might have seen clips on buyers bidding for big tunas that was freshly caught. This is the place they do that.

We didn’t come that early to witness the process. I heard you need to be here like 2am in the morning.

Our ever hungry tummies are keener to see what interesting and delicious cuisine they offer.

Entrance to the fish market

To reach there, simply take the train to Tsujiki train station. It is only 400m from the exit.

They carry very interesting ornaments such as sushi key chains and sashimi magnets.

And the variety of fish items they have are amazing. Too bad it just wasn’t possible for us to buy any of them.

They also have shops selling at least 40 different types of onigiri.

This is one of my personal favorite. I like it so much that I bought it again at their convenient store. Obviously, this one taste much better.

Their Tamagoyaki or Japanese egg rolled omelette is so fresh, sweet and fluffy. Never have I experienced such taste buds orgasm before.

There are also shelled seafoods.

I was also very fortunate to uncover Iwasa Sushi. This came about from a blog post on Aroi Mak Mak.

Tucked away in a hidden corner of the fish market, it could easily escape the impatient explorer.

My phone wasn’t with me when I was dining hence no pictures on this one.

The place is small and cozy, with pictures of famous people hanging all over the wall. The most obvious one would be Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Similar to the excellent Yakitori place we tried days before, you get to eat what the chef recommend.

The food came pretty quick and each sushi builds up over the previous one. And the flavor from each of them drives all the taste buds crazy, in a good way.

I dined alone as we couldn’t share the sushi and my wife wasn’t keen to have too many.

So she settled for beef don before we leave.

If you do order it, make sure you also request for a Namatamago (raw egg) to go with it.

Ueno park was next. This place is recommended because of the cherry blossom trees.

As we didn’t go during the blooming period, we didn’t exactly get to see much. Fortunately there is one tree that was still standing.

The kids also had great fun learning how to watch their hands with the spring water. There are certain steps to it. Not sure what might entail if you don’t follow exactly. Try it and let me know!

Before we leave the place, we took time to have some good old fun floating on the pond in a giant swan.

It was a long and tiring day so we sent the kids back home first before we have a sumptuous BBQ dinner.

 Steps taken: 19,305

Day 6 – Mount Fuji

The day we have all been earnestly waiting for.

This is one part which we went with a tour to make it easier for us. We took a coach at a terminal and that began a 2.5 hours journey to Mount Fuji

There are different stage of Mount Fuji you could go to, depending very much on the weather. We were supposed to head to stage 5 but due to weather reasons, we need to stop at stage 4 instead.

It was the very first time anyone of us seen snow so we were all very excited. The kids love blowing smoke from their mouths

As with all tours, time management is always very tight. Close to 30 minutes we were ushered into the bus and headed to a hotel nearby for lunch.

We had some bread instead of lunch.

Next, we were brought to a ferry terminal.

The ferry is really spacious with a panoramic view of the surrounding islands and water.

Not to mention the chilly wind!

Within 30 minutes, we arrived to hope into a cable car – the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway.

Despite the muddy terrain, it was really cool to head up the top of the hill and importantly snap an instagram friendly photo like this one.

Oh. And more snow!

And Kylie’s first attempt in making a snowman,

Snow angels!

This place is so amazing that they even have a golf course at the base of the cable car station.

And wrap it up with a bowl of hot salmon don. Shiok!

Steps taken: 9,736

Day 7 – Disneysea

Finally, the place that the kids had been nagging about since we boarded the place at Changi Airport.

As Disney is pretty far away, and we have an evening flight to catch the next day, we decided to switch to a hotel nearer.

Tokyo DisneySea is a 176-acre (71.22 ha) theme park. To provide perspective, our Universal Studios is 20 ha.

It is so huge that they can put a man-made volcano in the centre of the park.

There’s even a Venice-like river that cuts through most of Disney Sea.

The magic is so strong that it even turned the missus into a little kid again.

Kylie made some new friends.

Our first ride brought us to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Before our trip, I had asked my brother-in-law if he could only take one ride at Disney Sea, what would it be?

Apparently it is this one.

And I can understand why.

The ride is your typical cabin ride but given the theme, it emulates the submergence into water (there’s none) and that provide the experience as if you are in a sub.

Sorry, no POV cam. Strictly prohibited.

We brought the kids to Little Mermaid land next.

Which was as fun to me as watching my wife shopping.

Because there are fiercer rides!

Such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth. This is the roller coaster that goes around the volcano.

Kyan and I also manage to take another roller coaster near the Temple of Doom. This one goes 360. I think some part of my guts is still on the tracks.

And perfect timing for us to bump into Mickey and his entourage wheeling down the street.

Night time came quick when you are having fun. Technically the sun sets around 5pm in Tokyo.

A few more walks and we wrapped it up for the night. And dream about the next day at Disneyland.

Steps taken: 28,901


Day 8 – Disneyland

We were hoping to be the first to enter Disneyland. We were wayyyyy off the mark.

The consolation is that we are queuing under an 8 degree Celsius temperature.

We were greeted by a live band.

We went straight to their Space theme rides.

Unlike the express pass we are accustomed to at USS, Disney’s fast pass works different. It is more like getting a queue number to come back at a specific time. Which allows you to go via a separate queue that usually brings you all the way to the front.

Since we need to wait, we dropped by Minnie’s house.

Kylie loves it.

While Kyan got some jail time.

They have a big cruise ship within Disneyland that brings you around the park.

With scenery like these.

You may notice at this point I don’t have many pictures from Disneyland.

There’s a lot more than my collection can justify.

Just that with a 5pm plane to catch and after 7 days of photo-taking, experiencing the moment is much more important.

Overall it has been an amazing experience to witness the culture, the place and the cold temperature.

It opens up another perspective for me and a great week of bonding between the four of us.

Because the things we went through together are things money can’t buy.

See you again Japan!