After hearing so much about Canopi from our friends who had been there, we decided to bring myfuntasticfour there for our summer vacay!

This is also the first time that we brought ALL FOUR on a vacation on our own, without any helpers. Seriously, it doesn’t feel like a vacation for us parents (really!), but as long as our 4 kids have fun, everything is worth it.


About Canopi, Bintan (

The Canopi offers a one-of-a-kind holiday experience for family and adventure seeker alike. Nestled amidst the lush greens and forestry of Bintan Island, The Canopi was borne from the passion of reconnecting today’s modern society with nature and outdoor adventure, with a touch of class.

Unique by design, The Canopi’s luxurious safari themed tents drew inspiration from the 18th-century colonial explorer.

The resort boasts of a 338-hectare adventure ground of Treasure Bay Bintan that includes a private forest and mangrove reserve, pristine beaches, and South East Asia’s first and largest manmade seawater Crystal Lagoon.

The iconic 6.3-hectare lagoon host a diverse range of fun and interactive water activities. From children-friendly bumper boat ride to exhilarating wakeboarding action.

On the final week of June Holidays, we set sail for Bintan for our glamping adventure!

The kids were more than excited! Been nagging for this since the start of the school holidays. Now, it’s time to burn some energy, children!

What greeted us at Canopi was a beautiful sight.

Clean Blue waters, neatly stacked camps and friendly staffs. Very swiftly, we were ushered to our room.

The tent was definitely big enough for my family of 6! Our sleeping arrangement, just in case, u were wondering how to squeeze a family of 6 into a 40m square room.

We had a comfortable king size bed for Mommy, Daddy and Kyra. As for Kyan & Kylie, they had a pull out sofa bed for each of them.

And our dear Kingsley was allocated a cot!

We were so ready for our water adventures.

The kids got changed and dived straight into the pool.

There were floats and paddleboats available for rent, and of cos everything did not come cheap.

We were issued a wristband upon check-in, and we could charge all expenses to the wristband and pay for it upon checkout.

I have to say this. Everything in Canopi is chargeable.

What we played in Canopi:

  • Floats & Paddleboats
  • Airgun
  • Mini ATV
  • Electric Bike
  • Cable Ski Float
  • Water Slide
  • Water Park
  • Water Bumper Boat

We paid approximately close to SGD$500 for our activities and meals for our 3D2N. Breakfast was provided for.

Even our littlest, who is unable to take most rides, has totally enjoyed herself, soaking in water, and cuddling in mama’s arms!

Till our next adventure, with all four in tow again!