This June holiday is a bit of a double whammy for us.

It is the first month-long school holiday for our school going kids. Which means they have an extra 5 – 8 hours per day to wreck more havoc at home.

We also just received our latest addition to the family. She just turned two months and still hasn’t slept through.

The lack of adequate rest is telling if you noticed our reduce frequency of blog posts.

Fortunately, there are still pockets of time when I could get some quiet time to write. And I like to share about our weekend outings with the kids.

Since we can’t travel this month, we turned to domestic venues where the kids could still enjoy themselves. And with three kids in tow (Sorry Kyra, you gotta stay home until you turn one), I hate to go places where we need to queue for 30 minutes just for 30 seconds of enjoyment.

So top-of-mind places like Kidzania is out for now until the hype dies down.

Instead, we look at placed where the kids could still have some fun without the crowd and queues. And we found one over at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Once Upon a Time in Asia: The Missing Mouse

Our primary goal is to catch an exhibit about a missing mouse.

But before that, there are a few exciting activities for the kids to get their hands on.

The first one is to dye a pouch. It’s the first time Kyan is doing this.

Dyeing a bag at Asian Civilisations Museum

Me helping Kyan to dye his first pouch

It takes a couple of hard swipes to force the dye in. Next, you just have blown it dry, and you have yourself a poach!

Blow drying his newly dyed pouch at Asian Civilisations Museum

Kylie also did one for herself too, but she was mainly preoccupied with the colouring activities nearby.

Kylie painted a purple dragon - Asian Civilisations Museum

They say purple dragon is real…

The main event awaits and after half an hour of warming up, we proceeded to the hall behind to find the missing mouse.

The Missing Mouse - Asian Civilisations Museum

Are you ready to search for the missing mouse? Experience a story about friendship and adventure in the museum as you join Ganesha on his hunt for his best friend, Mr Mouse! Explore meandering mazes, paths, and passages to track him down. Create your adventure in the museum. This exhibition is based on ACM’s first children’s book, The Missing Mouse. Through hands-on activities, workshops, programmes, and tours, you can learn more about animals – both real and mythical – in Asian art.


The exhibit is one big maze, delicately constructed to provide kids with lots of fun despite the lack of size.


At almost every turn, there are activities to stop the kids in their track. This includes writing, drawings and answering of trivia questions.


My kids were just happy running around in the maze trying to catch one another!


Overall they had great fun at the Asian Civilisations Museum, and we also took some time to check out the more serious porcelain exhibits next door. I could feel my cultural level going up already.


The exhibit is free and won’t be around forever. So check it out before it goes away!

Asian Civilisations Museum
28 May 2016 – 11 Sep 2016
10 am to 5 pm
Free admission to the Missing Mouse exhibition; admission charges apply for entry into permanent galleries and special exhibition, Christianity in Asia
Recommended for children ages 7 to 12, and for the young at heart