This post is in collaboration with A Better Florist

I wasn’t a fan of flowers as gifts.

I think they’re fussy and fragile, not to mention expensive.

This is why I prefer choosing gifts that are either useful or edible. As it turns out, flowers are just as satisfying as dark chocolates or cake—they nourish the soul.

I suppose the perfect example of the healing powers of flowers is the tradition of giving sympathy flowers and recovery bouquets.

It’s during sad and somber occasions when flowers are powerful.

Since it can be difficult to broach the subject of loss and illness, flowers become your soothing and thoughtful ambassadors when words fail.

Of course, the same can be said about happy and romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Flowers just add a touch of magic and sincerity to gestures. The fact that fresh cut flowers don’t last very long also adds to the luxury of bouquets.

So the challenge in giving flowers in Singapore is finding a florist that delivers them as fresh as the day they’re plucked from flower farms and nurseries.

For me, one online florist in Singapore stands out from the rest.

Despite storage upgrades and technological advances allowing the lengthening and preservation of cut flowers, A Better Florist knows how crucial timing is to preserving the freshness and integrity of blooms.

Too much chemicals can ruin the essence of cut flowers, so short of picking out your flowers from gardens, A Better Florist is the next best thing.

A Better Florist commits to their impressive 90-minute free shipping to any location in Singapore to ensure freshness and timeliness.

I mean, there’s nothing that can ruin good intentions and sweet gestures than missed and delayed deliveries.

They also source their blooms from nearby Cameron Highlands, making sure they regularly replace their stock with fresh blossoms.

So you get your bouquets with buds still in their prime condition. It means you get to enjoy your flowers for a longer period.

So it comes as no surprise that their swift service and fuss free transaction landed them in Alvinology’s Top 10 Florists in Singapore.

Fortunately, A Better Florist has also been expanding globally starting with Hong Kong and Dubai so more people can enjoy the health benefits of flowers.

What’s good is that they don’t compromise quality with speed.

They have very capable florists in their ranks who carefully arrange and package their bouquets in elegant yet modern ways.

I particularly like the rustic appeal of their burlap wrapper and mason jars.

The overall effect is a hip and stylish handcrafted arrangement.

They can also make bespoke bouquets should you wish for a more unique arrangement which incorporates your own style.

A Better Florist also offers floral subscription now.

Ever since I gained an appreciation for cut flowers, I’ve been keen on blooming the rooms of the apartment.

A fresh arrangement of floral just effortlessly lifts the atmosphere of a room and adds a touch of elegance to the place.

A Better Florist’s floral subscription highlights seasonal flowers which is actually a more sustainable way of supporting the flower industry.

It brings the focus back on oft-overlooked flowers especially in tropical countries.

You can also order succulents, which I love.

Like A Better Florist’s service, succulents are fuss free.

They can take the heat of Singapore without wilting like delicate violets.

But, of course, don’t just take my word for it. You can try out their service for yourself. First purchase gets a special discount!