A micro introduction about myself.

Well, I am that woman behind the man of this blog.

So yes, I am the mommy to 3 monsters, namely Kyan, Kylie & Kingsley.

Oh yah, not forgetting the growing bub inside me too.

I am an FTWM (full time working mom), managing my work and the household, and my personal life (all moms need a tiny tad of personal breather right?)

As to why I am the guest blogger today. My dear husband is facing a little writer blockage on parenting posting, and I know his readers miss his post (okays, maybe not! J) So here I am to fill up some space in his blog.

I do not exactly have a topic to write on. Maybe I will write about…

My Final Pregnancy.

Friends who know me should be aware that I am very contented with two kids, a boy, and a gal.

Then came along our little rascal fei zai Kingsley, an accident.

All along, it was the dad who wanted four kids.

I must give him a loud applause for being so patient and hands-on with children.

For me, I am very short tempered and not very good at handling kids.

I guess I am only good at giving birth!

This last pregnancy has taught me a few valuable lessons:

1. Never take your health for granted

Giving birth to 3 before 30 years old, and giving birth after 30 years old is indeed a whole world of differences!

Annie with her needles mark on her arm

Two of the hundredth needle mark.

Before 30 yo, please tell me what MS (i.e. morning sickness) is.

I used to sneer at my friends for having a harsh first three months.

Despite having a well-rested confinement, once my body clock reached 30yo, I am getting back all the revenge at one go man!

Morning sickness, backaches, gestational diabetes are all my bffs in this pregnancy.

Even scientific studies show that women pregnant after 30, chances of miscarriage, down syndrome and chromosome abnormality increases significantly too.


2. Prepare the kids in advance

I am amazed at how fast children grows up!

The 3 kids having their breakfast together

Enjoying their breakfast together

Maybe that is the reason we are so forgetful and kept on reproducing?! (oh yah, my boss says I am reproducing at a hamster speed! LOLs)

In less than six weeks, all the three kids will be promoted up one level.

Kyan to Biggest Korkor, Kylie from mei mei to jiejie, and Kingsley from didi to small korkor!

Wow! So many changes!

We have started prepping the kids about the arrival of the growing bub. All of them are taking on their new roles very well, esp Kylie.

In a shopping centre scene, just mommy + Kylie having some quiet moments shopping:

Mommy: would you like to have new pretty dresses???

Kylie: No mommy! I have a lot of dresses, can we pick some new clothes for the new baby instead???

This totally melted my heart.

I have finally realized the MOST important lesson the kids get out of growing up with many siblings.

They learn to SHARE! Daddy + Mommy have limited resources, time & money.

Thus, they have to share.

This is something they cannot learn from textbooks.


3. Save for rainy days

Having a fourth kid is what Adrian & I have discussed.

Just that we didn’t expect things to move and happen so quickly as a bullet train!

It did catch us off guard indeed!

Especially with rising cost.

Quick calculations on how much we spent on prenatal consultants would easily set us back for a whopping $10k!

On top of that, our dearest trusted gynae fees that are due for payment on the 30th week of the pregnancy is another $5000.

So, Mr Gahmen, your $10k (some more payout in instalments) is not sufficient OKAYS!



So in short, plan the financials right before your bedtime activity. Because the last thing a preggy would like to worry about is moolahs!

That’s all I have for my sharing session on my last pregnancy.

Last liao, my friends!

I have three csections, and I CANNOT have another one unless you would like to visit me in Mount Veron instead of Mount Alvernia!

So let me bask in the final moments of my last pregnancy!

Till my next guest post….. which may not even happen, depends on popularity bah! *wink*